Episode 217

Australian Air Date: 15th November 1988
UK Air Date: 12th December 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Mark Piper

Carly celebrates her 18th birthday.

Thirty-sixth appearance, last seen in #214. Destroyed equipment at Lance and Martin’s recording session.
Final episode for this actor, replaced by DYLAN McCREADY in #218.

Extended Summary

Lance and Martin are going to the recording studio. Alison wants to tag along too. Martin says no but Lance says yes. So Alison comes along to the studio. She will play the tambourine.

Craig is living with Tom and Pippa for the time being.

It’s Carly’s 18th birthday. Carly is a still a bit depressed over Gary’s death. (Emotional music plays)

Ailsa tells Frank that Carly is being accused of pushing Gary off the cliff by Jeff.

Frank rushes home because of a card that Carly got from him for the birthday.

The card says, “Once you’re 18, life’s a real pushover!” She thinks of Gary when she sees the card and gets upset. When Frank comes to the Fletchers, she has just read it. He says he’s sorry and that it was not meant to be like that.

Lance, Martin and Alison are in the studio with a real professional engineer.

Ailsa talks to Frank about the fact that Bobby has decided not to go to university. Bobby and Frank argue about it.

Alison has accidentally turned a knob on the mixer in the studio and she blew the speakers after they have recorded the song!

Frank and Bobby stop arguing about the university thing.

Lance gets the Fletchers and a lot of other people over to his house to listen to the song they have recorded.

The song does not sound too good but Lance loves it though, as well as Sally!

Lance and Martin give Carly good news. The cops have caught Brad, and he told the cops about Gary’s tricks and Stacey also explained to the police how manipulative Gary was and she also explains about him threatening to commit suicide when Stacey and Phil were at the cliff with Gary. The police now believe Carly is innocent.

Carly is happy and comes downstairs in the Fletchers to celebrate her birthday. She tells Tom and Pippa and everyone else that she will move out now that she’s 18. Everyone is shocked. (Emotional music plays)

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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