Episode 216

Australian Air Date: 14th November 1988
UK Air Date: 11th December 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Mark Piper

Martin devises a new money-making scheme. The truth about the cliff-top events is revealed.

Fifth appearance, last seen in #187. Congratulated Lance and Martin on their generous decision to ‘donate’ money to charity.
Return appearance, last seen in a dream sequence in #213. Appeared in a flashback detailing the circumstances of his death.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Lance sits outside in the sunshine and plays country songs on his guitar and sings.

Both Lance and Martin are faced with a problem. They are now in the newspaper as a result of the talk about “charity” with Celia a while ago.

A police detective comes to the Fletchers to speak to Sally about the earring. Pippa wants Carly to tell him how she saw how Gary died. Carly tells him what happened: Gary hassled her up on the cliff and he took her earring and dropped it on purposely, before he jumped off the cliff as a suicide attempt. (Emotional music plays) Carly is worried as the detective does not believe her.

Lance and Martin talk to Celia about the charity. She tells them about people who are in need of food and money and so on. Lance feels sorry for those people when he reads about them. He wants to help some of them. At this point, Lance is teary; Martin thinks it is silly!

Martin and Lance have a recording session tomorrow.

Sally talks to Martin and then to Lance. She cries when she hears about the charity cases too.

Bobby talks to Stacey about Gary and that Carly might be suspected for his death.

Lance has written a song on the guitar and calls it “Santa never stops in Summer Bay”. Sally likes it, but Martin hates it!

Lance and Martin want to give the possible income of Lance’s song to Celia to support the charity. She does not like the idea since she’s doubtful it will bring in any money!

Jeff is upset at Carly because she is saying that Gary committed suicide. He is convinced she must have pushed Gary off the cliff!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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