Episode 215

Australian Air Date: 11th November 1988
UK Air Date: 8th December 1989
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Richard Sarell

Tom and Pippa have differing views on Frank and Bobby’s future. Pippa hears a confession.

First episode. Inspector who milked the story of Gary’s death from Carly.

Extended Summary

Frank and Bobby tell Pippa and Tom that they will get married in February instead of later as planned. Sally wants to be bridesmaid at their wedding!

Roo talks to David on the phone. He will come to the school dance to spend time with her in Summer Bay.

Sally gives the earring she found to Bobby as a wedding present!

Carly sits on a veranda at the Fletchers; Bobby comes out. Bobby shows Carly the earring she got from Sally. Carly notices it’s the same earring she threw in the sea earlier.

Carly tells Roo that she knows something about Gary’s death she has not told.

During an exam in the school, she thinks back of what he said (voice-over)

Tom talks to Frank. He is worried that Frank might be rushing into his marriage.

Fisher finds out that Frank and Bobby are getting married and that Bobby would not continue on to university. He talks to Ailsa about it.

One of the police detectives ask Neville in Celia’s store if he has sold a earring like the one he found up on the cliff. Neville tells him to ask Ailsa instead.

Sally can’t understand why Bobby isn’t wearing the earring she has given to her earlier. Bobby promises her she will wear it.

Carly tells Pippa she thinks that she will be arrested for Gary’s death. Pippa is surprised.

Ailsa talks to Bobby. She thinks that Bobby should go to university.

Carly has told Pippa that she saw what happened when Gary died.

The police detective turn up at the Stewarts’ to ask Ailsa about the earring. Bobby is there and sees the earring and says it’s the same kind as the one Sally gave her.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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