Episode 214

Australian Air Date: 10th November 1988
UK Air Date: 7th December 1989
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Richard Sarell

Frank and Bobby celebrate in style after their final exams. Meanwhile, Carly disposes of some vital evidence.

Thirty-fifth appearance, last seen in #213. Continued to try and prove her innocence.
Eighth and final appearance, last seen in #192. Laughed at the idea of Lance and Alison as an item.
Took the Year.12 Geography exam.
Took Frank and Bobby on their romantic trip.

Extended Summary

Another exam is held at the school.

Carly tells Roo that she has lost one of the earrings she borrowed from her a while ago. She asks her not to say anything about it. Roo thinks it is quite odd.

Carly explains that she is worried that she might get suspected for Gary’s death since Carly reckons she must have lost the earring at Stewart’s Point where Gary died.

Frank has rented a limousine with a chauffeur as well. Bobby is very surprised as is Sally too!

Carly is down at the beach. She throws the other earring into the sea.

Frank has organised a table for a romantic dinner out in the forest for himself and Bobby; it is only fish and chips since the limousine got a bit too expensive for him! Bobby loved the idea! (Emotional music plays)

Alison asks Lance to take her to the school dance next week; she only asked him so as to get him to buy a expensive dress for her and a limousine ride! He is thrilled and says yes!

Bobby and Frank decide to get married earlier than planned.

Sally comes back home with shells she has picked on the beach. She also found the Carly’s earring too.

Ola Carlsson, 1999