Episode 218

Australian Air Date: 16th November 1988
UK Air Date: 13th December 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Mark Piper

Jeff Samuels faces up to the truth about his brother.

First episode for this actor, last seen in #217 played by ASHLEIGH BELL-WEIR.
Final episode. Left town amidst a drugs scandal.
Thirty-seventh appearance, last seen in #217. Conned Lance into taking her to the Year 12 formal.
Final episode.
Alison’s bitchy mate who admired the dress Lance had bought her.

Extended Summary

Tom and Pippa are in the kitchen with Christopher. They talk about Carly moving out. They don’t think that she would really be going through with it.

Lance and Martin play their demo song to Celia. She hates it!

Alison is being bossy with Lance and drags him to go shopping for clothes for the school dance; he thinks she really likes him: she is actually using him because of the money he has.

Steven calls over to Jeff to try to cheer him up even though he does not like him.

Jeff is packing and will be leaving Summer Bay. They shake hands and Steven tells him to cheer up.

Lance paid for a dress to Alison which set him back A$300! She’s very excited!

Jeff will compensate all the people Gary has stolen from.

Carly receives a dress from a secret admirer. It is the same kind of dress as the one Alison got from Lance!

Jeff visits Gary’s grave and his parents’ grave. He has brougt flowers with him but throws them away. The grave is filled with flowers. (Emotional music plays)

Bobby sees Carly’s dress and laughs because she has seen that it is the same one as Alison’s dress but she does not say that.

Carly’s secret admirer arrives at the Fletcher. She thought it would be Martin but it isn’t him. She is surprised and says, “I don’t believe it!”, but who is her admirer…?

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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