Episode 198

Australian Air Date: 19th October 1988
UK Air Date: 15th November 1989
Writer: Michael Joshua
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Gary offers to tutor Carly, but study is the last thing on the couple’s minds.

Final episode. Moved back into the family home following a falling out with Lance.
Twenty-seventh appearance, last seen in #197. Tried to win Gary’s affections to rile Carly.

Extended Summary

Lance, Martin and Gary drive to an old house. Gary has a plan to start a night-club in that house with Martin and Lance. His idea is to make it spooky and call it “The Haunted House”. They agree to be partners in it with Gary (using Lance’s money), after a bit of persuasion from him.

Gary picks Carly up at school in his car. Tom sees it and talks to Jeff. He wants Gary to back out of Carly and his relationship.

Gary shows Carly the house that himself, along with Lance and Martin, will open a night-club in.

Sally is drawing in the kitchen. Pippa asks her to go outside so they can talk alone to Gary and Carly. Gary acts very nice to them and says he is coaching Carly with her homework as well!

Sally spends time with Lance.

Alison threatens Gary to stop seeing Carly or she will tell the police and Stacey that he broke into Stacey’s office and stole the cheque book. Gary is angry and drags her into his car and drives away.

He twists her story so as to make her look guilty and drives her to Stacey’s office and calls Barnett!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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