Episode 180

Australian Air Date: 23rd September 1988
UK Air Date: 20th October 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Romance is in the air as Ailsa and Alf renew their vows. Meanwhile, Colleen sets her sights on Fisher.

Twenty-first appearance, last seen in #173. Announced her intention to quit Year 12.

Extended Summary

Days later and still no sign of Brett. Roo is losing her mind. She wants her baby back so bad.

Alf and Ailsa have invited most of the town round their house so they can renew their vows. They apologise to each other for letting their pride get in the way and promise to never lose sight of the fact they love each other again. Afterwards, Roo goes to spend the night with Celia to give them time alone. Ailsa is concerned that Roo seems to have completely lost her spirit. Celia asks Ailsa if she wants the store back but Ailsa says she’ll use the money to start a new business.

Colleen hasn’t given up on winning Donald’s love. She arranges with Floss and Nev for them to prepare a special dinner for her and him. Neville meets Don and invites him to dinner with him and Floss the following week. In all the time they’ve lived in town together they’ve never really gotten to know each other very well. Donald is bemused but accepts the invitation. However, Nev doesn’t tell him Colleen Smart will be there too. At school, Don comments on the mock HSC exams and how did well/bad etcetera. On his sheet of paper, it shows Bobby was the number 1 student, but he doesn’t tell her this of course, instead commending the student who came second. Alison Patterson is already repeating the year and when she comments on him giving the same speech as last year he says she’ll probably be there again next year. Alison doesnt care about his words. She plans to drop out of school before the HSC anyway. Shes applied for a job as secretary at Macklins and shes hoping she has the job.

Roo, at home, is in the depths of despair. In the dining room, she finds a bottle of pills that she was prescribed for post-natal depression. She empties them into her hand… Later, Alf and Ailsa come in looking for Roo. No sign of her. In the dining room Ailsa finds the empty pill bottle and is worried. Alf goes out looking for Roo and Tom and Frank offer to help. Pippa is also told what is going on and is at the caravan park when Roo walks in. Pippa asks if she took the pills. Roo didn’t. But she was going to. She’s not that brave or stupid. She sees Christopher in his cradle and picks him up and starts nursing him. Pippa, Frank and Bobby watch on as she cries.

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.