Episode 181

Australian Air Date: 26th September 1988
UK Air Date: 23rd October 1989
Writer: Alison Nisselle
Director: Andrew Friedman

Roo discovers her daughter’s whereabouts, but her worries aren’t over yet.

Booked a room for a runaway Brett.
Appeared on TV regarding the search for Brett.
Maureen’s friend. Local chick who helped Lance cheer up.
Denise’s friend. Local chick who helped Lance cheer up.

Extended Summary

Brett is heading interstate and trying to keep to back roads as much as possible. He knows the cops are looking for him. He’s been staying in cheap motels. He goes into another motel and in the room he tries to take care of Martha himself.

Steven is telling Pippa that he doesn’t see the big deal about Brett taking Martha, he’ll look after her and bring her back. Pippa points out that Martha is premature and was only released into the custody of her mother under medical supervision. If she doesn’t receive proper medical care, she could die. Roo has come to the same conclusion, despite Alf, Ailsa and Celia trying to console her.

Brett cant quiet Martha. Her fever is getting worse. He knows he has no choice but to get help and asks the motel receptionist to get a doctor. Alf, Ailsa and Roo are at home. Alf gets a phone call saying Martha is in hospital, sick because Brett was unable to care for her properly but going to be fine. Roo is ecstatic. She can’t believe it. The nightmare is over.

Lance and Martin are having some girls over for a party. Lance has the T.V. news on and there is no news of Martha. Lance decides to call the T.V. station and put up a reward for any information leading to Martha’s safe return. The girls arrive as he is making the call and think its such a generous thing to do and he gains their full attentions as a result, leaving Martin out in the cold! Seconds later, there is a new bulletin on the T.V. – it announces that Martha has been located and she is safe and well. Lance can’t believe it – he thinks it was his reward that did the trick and he is chuffed with himself!

Brett arrives at the hospital with Stacey, who persuaded the police to let him go on condition he stayed away from Martha. Brett, however, refuses to leave the area without knowing Martha is all right, even though Stacey warns him the Stewarts will be on their way.

The police have arranged a plane to take Alf and Roo to Melbourne. Roo asks Ailsa to come too, which surprises but pleases her. They arrive at the hospital where Alf is furious to find Brett there but Roo asks him, Ailsa and Stacey to leave them alone. Roo and Brett go in to see Martha and Roo says Martha is important and they have to do what’s best for her, even though it’s going to kill them.

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.