Episode 182

Australian Air Date: 27th September 1988
UK Air Date: 24th October 1989
Writer: Alison Nisselle
Director: Andrew Friedman

Roo makes the hardest decision of her life. Lance is horrified by a new romance.

Third appearance, last seen in #119. Gossiped with Celia about Donald and Colleen.
Roo’s baby counselor. Helped her after Martha’s abduction scare.
Final episode. Was given up for adoption by Roo and Brett after realising they could not provide a good life for her.

Extended Summary

Alf is annoyed when Brett and Stacey turn up at the hospital, telling Brett he isn’t welcome there. Ailsa and Stacey convince him to let it go and Brett goes in to see Roo and Martha. He asks to be able to visit her once in a while but Roo has something else in mind and asks him to take a walk with her outside.

Martin has a plan to drive Celia out of business. He and Lance go to the store and hide behind a shelf while Martin cuts a small hole in a box of cereal and pushes a cockroach inside! Celia and Betty Falwell are gossiping about how Colleen seems to have developed feelings for Donald. Betty thinks Don would never go for her. Floss stops by them and tells them he’s having dinner with her. Lance is stunned. Flathead?! Flathead might become his stepdad?!? No way! They have to do something about that!

At the Melbourne hospital, Brett and Roo talk. She forgives him for what he did. She says that neither of them will make good parents and his family aren’t interested in helping, while Alf and Ailsa are only just married and don’t need the pressure of a child. Brett is horrified when she tells him they should put Martha up for adoption and let her go to a proper family, where she will have both a mother and father to look after her. In the end, he says he won’t stand in her way but can’t be a part of it and leaves the hospital. Alf is also upset about the decision but after a talk with Ailsa he agrees to support Roo.

Martin and Lance sneak over to Don’s house where they see him digging in his garden, and spot his water cannister on the wall. Martin has had an idea. He sends Lance to get the water cannister when Don isn’t looking, and spikes it with vodka from a bottle he has. His inane plan is that Don will inadvertantly get drunk, then when he turns up to dinner in that state Colleen will think he is an alcoholic and run a mile! They put the decanter back and hide behind the bushes to watch. Before Don can drink anything however, Celia arrives to help him. She parks her bike by the wall and notices the decanter. Parched, she takes it and takes a huge slug from it. She keeps drinking, and before long she is more than a little bit tipsy and stomping all over Don’s flowers! He doesn’t know whats gotten into her until he spots Lance and Martin realising it’s time for them to leave. “You two!” he yells, beginning to chase after them! Lance and Martin yelp and make a run for it with Don in hot pursuit and Celia lying drunkenly in the middle of his flowers!!

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.

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