Episode 179

Australian Air Date: 22nd September 1988
UK Air Date: 19th October 1989
Writer: Graham Foreman
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Alf swallows his pride and calls Ailsa in Singapore. Roo is on tenterhooks as Brett and Martha remain missing.

Seventh and final appearance, last seen in #178. Calmed a frantic Alf down following Brett’s theft of baby Martha.
Offered Ailsa a complimentary drink in Singapore.

Extended Summary

Stacey bring Phil to hospital to have his damaged hand seen to. He and Bruce both realise he has severed tendons. Stacey arranges to have him flown to a specialist in the city. Alf has arrived at the hospital and found out from Bruce that Brett has kidnapped Martha. He goes home and tells Roo and Celia. Roo runs off and is found by Stacey. She points out to Alf that Roo agreed Brett could have custody but Alf has sent the police after him.

Colleen meets Floss and Neville at the store and tells them that Martha’s kidnapping was predicted in the horoscope. Neville dismisses them and reads out Colleen’s which says she will meet a loved one: “intellectual but understanding, stern but amiable, in need of care.” Colleen’s jaw drops as Mr. Fisher walks in, saying he’s marking exam papers at the school over the weekend and needs a snack. It must be him!

Alf is determined to make Brett pay for what he’s done but Roo just wants Martha back. Alf thanks Celia for her support during the day but she points out that if Ailsa was there he would’ve leaned on her. Alf notes Ailsa was right about the Macklins.

Donald is surprised by an intruder at the school: Colleen. She has brought him some homecooked food, which she insists on serving to him despite dropping it on the floor when he surprised her. As she talks about how a man and a woman aren’t fulfilled if they’re on their own, like the two of them, Donald looks very worried.

Bobby has heard about Brett and Martha. She visits Roo to lend her support and say she will be here to help if Roo needs her. Roo has noticed how lonely Alf is and says if Ailsa came back she wouldn’t cause trouble. Bobby tells Alf the truth about Graham and that Ailsa is in Singapore on a holiday right now. The Palms Hotel, if she remembers rightly. When Bobby is gone Alf makes a phonecall to the hotel and asks for Ailsa. She takes the call and is surprised to hear Alf’s voice. She is even more surprised when he starts to weep and tells her howmuch he loves her and misses her and how much he wants her in his life. He cant apologise enough for the things he said in the heat of the moment, it was unforgivable he knows. But he begs for forgiveness anyway. Ailsa starts to cry as Alf begs her to come home. Its what shes been waiting to hear along.

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.

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