Episode 178

Australian Air Date: 21st September 1988
UK Air Date: 18th October 1989
Writer: Maureen Ann Moran
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Brett steals something precious from the Summer Bay hospital. Meanwhile, Philip suffers a devastating injury.

Sixth appearance, last seen in #167. Innocently delayed Brett from kidnapping Martha.

> Gordon’s middle name is Keith.

Extended Summary

Alf can’t find Brett anywhere. At the caravan park he asks Carly if she knows where he is. She doesn’t. She says how pumped up Alf is and tells Steven she’s been getting on great with Brett while he’s been here, and she thinks hes a totally decent guy. When Alf is gone Brett arrives and Carly tips him off that Alf is on the warpath. Brett realises Roo has told him and starts to panic. He goes into the Fletcher house to call Gordon. He begs him again to go through with the plan so he can get Martha but Gordon tells him that the project has turned out to have more potential than he ever expected and he’s looking forward to making money in the Bay now. There’s no way he’ll pull out of it now, and not for such a stupid reason. Brett’s on his own. Stacey returns to the office just as Alf gets there looking for Brett. He tells her what he’s done and Stacey is disgusted by him.

Next Brett goes to find Stacey and wants her to help. She tells him to go and see Alf to sort things out but ends up letting him stay at the office alone for a bit. Brett sees the safe and goes for it. He has no choice – he takes all the cash from it and does a runner. Brett comes to the hospital with a carry cot. No-one has told the staff he can’t see Martha so when everyone is distracted he takes her from her crib, puts her in the cot, and escapes.

Alf tells Carly what has really been going on and they realise Brett has taken a lot of the baby stuff from his caravan. Stacey and Philip go to the office and find the open and empty safe. Stacey realises Brett took it. She tells Philip they have to get to the hospital, fast. They are on the way there when they see Brett’s car pass them on the road, speeding way over the limit. Stacey knows why and swerves and gives chase, manages to overtake him and force his car off the road. Phil jumps out and runs to Brett’s car, opens the driver seat. He sees Martha in the back and tries to pull Brett out of the car but Brett kicks him in the gut then pulls his door shut – right on Phil’s hand! Phil screams and falls down in agony. Brett gets his car going again and takes off, almost knocking Stacey down. She runs to help Phil while Brett races away out of sight, taking Martha with him.

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.

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