Episode 177

Australian Air Date: 20th September 1988
UK Air Date: 17th October 1989
Writer: Jennifer Mellet
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Roo breaks down and reveals to Alf the real reason for her decision.

Gave Martha to Roo for breastfeeding.

Extended Summary

Frank wants to track down Bobby and tell her what happened. Disappointed, Roo leaves the office. After a while Bobby calms herself down and accepts the story, going to see Frank at the flat and admitting she jumped to conclusions. She also gets nervous when she sees them together because of their history. They change to subject to Bobby’s A in geography and Frank congratulates her.

Alf knows something is up so he tracks Brett down at the caravan park and gets stuck into him. He thinks he is taking advantage of Roo and making her give up Martha. Brett insists its not like that but Alf doesn’t buy it. Brett insists he’ll make a better parent than Roo.

Roo goes to the hospital but leaves when she sees Brett with Martha. Brett later tracks her down at home and demands to know why she hasn’t been in to feed Martha. Roo says it’s too difficult to be near her when she’s giving her up. Brett is unsympathetic and drags her to the hospital where Roo feeds her baby, even more upset at the thought of losing her.

Alf goes to see Brett again and apologises if he was hard on him before. Brett tells him that he’s been reading books and watching videos and taking lessons off Pippa and also that Stacey is lending him money. Alf accepts that he’s serious about looking after Martha.

Martin and Lance tell Narelle about their plan to get Celia to sell the store. Narelle doesn’t want to get involved since Celia is already talking of evicting them, until Celia reads her and Frank the riot act for indulging in some harmless fun in the flat and then announces she’s getting Narelle to move in with her friend Betty. Narelle, Lance and Martin brain storm ideas and next day they swap all the labels round on the dry cleaning so Celia can’t find Alf’s order.

Roo is at the hospital with Martha – she dreads the thought of having to give her away. The nurse says she’ll be able to go home soon but Roo says she won’t be going with her. She goes home and finds Alf, finally opens up and tells him everything, all about the Macklins scheme to get him so heavily invested in the Sands Resort that if they were to pull out of the project it would go bust and he would end up losing everything. They are going to go through with this if Roo doesn’t let Brett have Martha… Well… Alf’s nostrils flare and his temperature rises and he goes into a volcanic rage as he storms out of the house to find “that mongrel!”

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.