Episode 5197

Australian Air Date: 2nd November 2010
UK Air Date: 14th December 2010

Gina and John share a secret. Marilyn agrees to move in with Sid. Vittorio warns Liam to stay away from Bianca.


Written by Vanessa Ballard
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Extended Summary

Liam has introduced Nina to Vittorio and Bianca and they discuss the upcoming marriage with Bianca, making a point of telling Liam how soon it is. During the dinner it is obvious there is still a spark between Liam and Bianca, which Vittorio picks up on. Nina later tells Liam that, if he suddenly realises he still loves Bianca he needs to let her know. Later on, Vittorio tells Liam that he can forget about Bianca as she will be marrying him.

Alf suggests Roo meet Hugo’s family, which she thinks is a great idea, and presses her to tell them about Martha’s phone call, but she’s not so sure. Colleen interrupts and asks what’s going on but the pair manage to avoid telling her. Later, Roo questions whether or not Alf can forgive her, and he presses the fact she has nothing to worry about – it’s just that Colleen has gotten to her. She decides to make a formal apology for the past which Alf is incredibly grateful for. Alf has a quiet word with Colleen telling her to say nice things to Roo or nothing at all – she seems very sensitive about that part of her life at the moment.

Marilyn agrees to moving in with Sid, though she wants to make sure they do it properly. Sid is concerned about the effect it’ll have on the children and Marilyn is very content with that fact. Marilyn tells Sid she’s so glad they talk openly and honestly which prompts him to reveal he has a secret. He finally reveals to Marilyn that Mitzy told him that her end date still stands – if they’re moving in together, they can’t have any secrets. Marilyn is shocked by this news and needs some time to process all this, so goes for a walk. On her return, Marilyn tells Sid that she doesn’t want to move in with Sid until he has had time to tell the children – not only about them moving in together, but also about her end date. She doesn’t want secrets.

Xavier spends time with John working on the car – though Xavier is a bit unsure of his motives. John knows Gina doesn’t want him so why he is still hanging around? Xavier tells him if he wants to stop working on the car with him, to help get over Gina, then it’s OK – but John is happy to keep working on it. When Liam gets his job back from Gina (who gives in despite being angry at the way he left), Xavier see this as an opportunity for John and Gina to reconcile. He talks to John to try and get him to sort things out with Gina – she’s just given Liam his job back, so she must be in the mood for giving second chances. However, John refuses – he and Gina have already discussed it to no avail. Xavier presses the issue with Gina, but she won’t budge. Little does Xavier know John and Gina have already reconciled and are having a saucy affair behind closed doors! Gina wants some time for them to get used to each other again before letting anyone else in on their secret.

Scene cut from episode:
Despite her reservations Bianca decides she wants to move the wedding forward.