Episode 5198

Australian Air Date: 3rd November 2010
UK Air Date: 15th December 2010

Robertson asks Roo about Martha and Hugo. Nicole is shocked to discover Alexander’s secret. Xavier suspects Gina is having an affair.


Written by Josh Mapleston
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Extended Summary

Roo is looking at a letter, addressed to “Mum” – it seems to be troubling her. Robertson has been called by his superior, wanting to know if he recognises somebody – it’s Roo. Nicole and Roo bond the night before her exams, swapping stories about their teenage years, and Roo tells Nicole all about New York. Robertson questions Roo about Hugo and Martha at the request of the Federal Police and Roo claims she hasn’t been in contact with either of them. Robertson isn’t entirely convinced. the name Tulip O’Hare comes up during the course of the interview, and Roo asks Alf about her.

They go for a walk and Alf fills her in on all the details – Roo is relieved that she finally has an explanation for his odd behaviour in the aftermath of the death of her mother. Later at the Diner, Gina meets Alf and Roo and Roo covertly confides in Gina that she’s had a phone call from Martha, but knows very little. Gina invites Roo over for dinner later, and she accepts. Before dinner however, Roo visits Gina at the school – she has a letter to give Gina – from Hugo. He and Martha need their help.

Leah and VJ return from Africa, and Miles drives them back from the airport. Leah is clearly uncomfortable with VJ’s excitable stories about Elijah, and is a little taken aback to hear that Robertson is back in town. Later, Leah reveals to Miles that the relationship with Elijah has finished – and she hasn’t managed to tell VJ yet. Leah is suitably distraught and Robertson, though happy to have Leah back, is also aware that she is not looking for romance – especially after Leah confides the details of her trip to him. She couldn’t ask Elijah to pick between his job and her. Robertson tells Leah he came back to the Bay to see if she and him had a future but he tells Leah he is content to just be her friend – though deep down he feels there’s still hope for romance yet.

Xavier presses Gina over her whereabouts after dinner last night. Gina lies that she went to see a work colleague but Xavier isn’t convinced. Xavier confides in John – he thinks Gina is seeing someone else, so he needs to get back in their. However John is adamant that Gina probably isn’t seeing anyone, knowing the truth that it’s him Gina has been seeing. John later goes to see Gina and tells him about Xavier’s suspicions, with Gina concluding it’s almost time to tell him the truth.

Nicole reminds Ruby that Alexander has only just split up with his girlfriend and that she’s being a little confident that he’ll want to date her. Seeing Alex out for a run, Ruby decides to play it cool – but ends up falling over. During her driving lesson later, Alexander kisses Ruby and she’s over the moon. Ruby excitedly tells Nicole all about her success. However, Nicole sees Alexander kissing his girlfriend on the beach and she tells Ruby about it. However, Ruby is still convinced Alexander is the love of her life.