Episode 5196

Australian Air Date: 1st November 2010
UK Air Date: 13th December 2010

Roo reacquaints herself with the bay. Will tells Lily the truth about what happened with Gypsy. Liam returns to Summer Bay with another woman.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by Jet Wilkinson

Extended Summary

After more than 20 years away, Roo Stewart has returned to Summer Bay. Alf is surprised and delighted but it’s clear there is something that she isn’t telling Alf as to why she’s back. Later as Alf and Roo catch up, she tells him that Martha phoned her – she is safe, she and Hugo managed to get to the States. Roo is shocked to discover that Alf is being investigated for murder. When Alf goes to make a drink, Roo receives a text from a man called Tim, asking why she hasn’t called – but Roo lies and tells him it’s from a marketing company. She also receives voicemails – it is clear that Roo owes money. Roo acquaints herself with Miles, intrigued to be meeting Sally’s brother.

As Alf takes Roo back through Summer Bay, Colleen reminds Roo of her old self and it seems that she can’t shake her past despite all this time. However she takes a mature attitude towards it – those things happened, and there’s no denying them. Roo tells Alf she’s intending on staying a couple of weeks, and lies that everything is fine with the man she’s seeing. Alf is a little confused – after her attitude towards the Bay in the past he cannot understand why she’s come back – but she insists that a little dose of Summer Bay is exactly what she needs. He leaves and she gets a call from Tim – and her response is to dip her sim card into her coffee.

Bianca dreams about Liam but it is rudely interrupted by April waking her. April inquires if the dream had anything to do with Liam’s voicemail – Bianca tells April she’s deleted Liam’s voicemail, but after she leaves the room, Bianca listens to it again. April figures out what the dream was about and tries to convince Bianca that it is a sure sign that she is making the wrong decision. Bianca decides she must tell Vittorio about the dreams, to get everything out in the open. She goes to tell him and is unnerved by the fact Vittorio has been looking at houses to live in after the wedding. Bianca’s indecision about her desire to marry Vittorio comes to a head and she is just about to tell him she needs more time, when Liam walks in with his new girlfriend, Nina. He’s decided to move back to town.

Will tries to get Lily settled into their new life in Summer Bay. He takes her to enroll in school, with April promising to look out for her once she’s started, but Lily is frustrated. She is unable to understand why Gypsy left them and why they have to start a new life, and can’t understand why ill won’t tell her what’s going on. Eventually Will decides to tell Lily the truth, that it was his fault Gypsy left and not Lily’s. Lily is still affected by the fact Gypsy has called her and so Will decides it’s time to get Gypsy on the phone so Lily can talk to her.

Nicole, Romeo and Indi have sat an HSC exam, and Indi thinks she has completely failed. She is consoled by the other two who are trying to remain positive about things.