Episode 5195

Australian Air Date: 29th October 2010
UK Air Date: 10th December 2010

Roo Stewart returns to Summer Bay. Alf starts to feel the pressure of the Penn investigation. Sid asks Marilyn to move in with him. Romeo sweeps Indi off her feet.


Return episode, last seen in #345 played by JUSTINE CLARKE.

Written by Andrew Osborne
Directed by Di Drew

Extended Summary

Marilyn tells Sid she had another dream about something coming to the Bay. Worried her last dream may have incriminated Alf for murder, Marilyn is worried and asks if she can stay with the Walkers another night. Sid makes a bad joke about Marilyn being a burden staying all the time which she takes seriously and walks off in a huff. Indi tells Sid he needs to make Marilyn understand how much she means to him. After much consideration Sid decides to do just that and asked Marilyn to move in with him and the kids.

Romeo tries to get to the bottom of Indi’s worries and she admits that she thinks Romeo is still pining for Annie. Romeo is at a loss of how to prove to Indi that she’s the one for him while Indi is trying her best not to let jealousy ruin her relationship. Indi finds Romeo on the beach and tries to apologise for how she’s been acting, but before she can get the words out, Romeo pulls her close, kissing her so passionately she’s swept off her feet.

Ruby is finding her driving lessons difficult, particularly her three-point-turn. She gets out of the car in frustration and Alexander tries to instill some confidence into her. When Ruby asks whether he’d rather be spending time with his girlfriend then wasting time with her lesson, Alexander reveals that he has split up with her. Ruby’s eyes light up and suddenly she is eager to carry on with the lesson.

Feeling guilty for telling Robertson she saw Alf kill Penn in a dream, Marilyn is avoiding Alf at every turn. Eventually she faces him and explains she told Robertson about the dream. Alf assures her one dream isn’t enough to lock him away and Marilyn is relieved he’s not angry. However, Alf later confides to Miles that he’s worried about the case is really building up against him.

The next morning when Marilyn tells Alf that Sid has asked her to move in, Alf believes that’s what her dream must have been about. But Marilyn feels that the dream is more to do with Alf, and that something is coming for him. What, or who, could it be? At that moment a car pulls up in the caravan park, and who should get out but Alf’s daughter, Roo Stewart.

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