Episode 5150

Australian Air Date: 27th August 2010
UK Air Date: 8th October 2010

Xavier and April go for the same job. Leah discovers who’s been helping VJ. The rally for the recycling program goes well.


Written by Stephen Vagg
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

The rally for the recycling program is the next day, and April and Xavier make signs. John is enthusiastic – the media will be there, so they should be loud and really get everyone’s attention. Gina thinks that if John plays his cards right he could make friends out of April and Xavier through this. At the rally, John is disappointed when very few protesters turn up – he had hoped there would be an altercation and that that would make it on the news, which would further promote the cause.

Both Xavier and April decide to apply for the waiter’s job at Angelo’s – he wants a car and she wants to save up for a laptop. Both think they have a good chance at getting it, but in the end it is April who is offered the job. Whilst he’s happy for April, Xavier is disappointed as the job was his one shot at getting a car. All is not lost when, at the rally, they spy an old Ford XB GT Falcon in the rubbish tip. Both Xavier and John are excited by the find, being ‘Mad Max’ fans, and John agrees to buy it for Xavier, as long as they work on it together.

Finding the letters from Elijah in a different order than how he left them, VJ knows Leah has discovered them and is concerned. He frantically calls Miles (who has been helping him communicate with Elijah) for help. An upset Leah turns to Miles to help her find out who has been helping VJ, but Miles can’t keep up the charade for long, confesses that it was him. Leah is stunned and hurt. But she can’t remain angry at Miles, later telling him that she’s been writing letters to Elijah for weeks…she just hasn’t had the guts to send any of them.

Scene cut from Episode:
Xavier gets dressed up for it, but is miserable in the interview, struggling with the pronunciation of names and foods.