Episode 5149

Australian Air Date: 26th August 2010
UK Air Date: 7th October 2010

Leah finds VJ’s letters to Elijah. Liam and Bianca spend the night together. John has difficulty supporting the recycling project fully.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

VJ has been writing letters to Elijah, but he’s managed to hide them from Leah. When she catches him in the kitchen acting strange, she thinks something is up, so she searches. She finds the folder of letters, but she can’t bring herself to read any of them. She asks Irene for help on what to do and how this is happening, but Irene isn’t sure how VJ is getting them, or whether Leah should read them. That’s really up to her. They wonder who could be helping VJ and immediately think of Miles, but Leah doesn’t think he would do that. Irene thinks this is VJ’s way of dealing with losing Elijah so suddenly, but Leah is upset that VJ is lying to her. When she gets home however, she decides not to confront VJ, instead slipping the box back in it’s hiding place.

After giving into their feelings for each other, Bianca and Liam are curled together on the library floor. They fall asleep together, only to be woken by the first bell of the day. They slept in, and now have to work out how to get out without being caught. They struggle to avoid the Librarian, but eventually slip out, leaving no one the wiser, until Gina finds Bianca’s scarf on the ground. She confronts them about what they were actually doing, and whether anything is going on, but they assure her nothing is.

The recycling project that April and Xavier have championed is being supported by John, but he’s running it more like a military operation than a community effort. He makes sure Xavier understands that this is a favour to him, and Xavier better help him out. He gives them flyers to hand out for a rally he has organised at the local dump, a task that Xavier isn’t looking forward to. Alf tells John that people have heard about the potential ban, and aren’t pleased about it, and John doesn’t make a convincing case to Alf. John deals with a Townie in the bar and is improving the way he talks about the project, which impresses Xavier.

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