Episode 5148

Australian Air Date: 25th August 2010
UK Air Date: 6th October 2010

Angelo is not happy that Paulie is in the Bay. Bianca and Liam get together in the library. Romeo cooks a romantic, but very unique dinner for Indi.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Smooth talker Paulie Rosetta has arrived in the Bay and is wasting little time before he lays the charm on thick and fast, but Angelo isn’t pleased to see him, clearly distrustful of his brother’s presence. Paulie tells him and Charlie he has another two restaurants open and is always looking to expand, but Angelo doesn’t appear to be that interested. When he walks off from dinner, Charlie finds him downstairs, and wants to know what’s going on. She thought everything from their childhood had been settled, and Angelo assures her it has been, but he won’t tell her what’s wrong. Paulie eventually comes out and confesses that he’s in big trouble and he needs Angelo’s help. This is what Angelo was afraid of, and what he knew was coming.

Meanwhile Colleen is annoyed about the incident with the ‘food critic’ earlier, and is taking her frustration out on a customer who has complained about his burnt coffee. Angelo rings to let them know that the ‘critic’ was actually his brother, and Colleen realises that the customer she has just been serving, who is now scribbling in his notebook, could in fact be the real critic.

He later returns for dinner, and Irene and Colleen see it as a chance to put things right. When he compliments them both on the excellent burger he’s just eaten, Colleen gets overexcited and offers him a dessert – and in her rush, manages to drop chocolate mousse over his shoes.

Liam and Bianca are still on library duty together, she’s shocked to see him reading a book. It’s “The Talented Mr Ripley”, and she wonders why he’s picked that book. She guesses it’s because it’s set in Italy and she’s Italian, but annoyed, he tells her to stop thinking that everything is about her. When she sees he’s genuinely been upset, she apologises, and he admits that he was reading the book to work out why Italian men have such a hold on her, given she’s the strongest, most amazing woman he’s ever met. Taken by that, Bianca can’t help but kiss him. They try to keep working together, but as the night comes to an end, they find themselves in each others arms, falling to the library floor…

With Sid and Marilyn out to dinner, Romeo and Indi spend an urst filled night, alone together, at Summer Bay House. They try to distract themselves from the idea of physical intimacy with study and cooking. But soon, each little touch is too much to bare and the pair share a kiss. But just before things get steamy, they quickly pull apart when Sid and Marilyn arrive home.

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