Episode 5147

Australian Air Date: 24th August 2010
UK Air Date: 5th October 2010

Alf tries to make sense of the situation with Penn. Indi gets a job at the Diner. Angelo’s brother Paulie arrives in the Bay.


Written by Andrew Osborne
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Charlie tries to get Alf to see sense and tell her what happened with Penn, but Alf refuses to budge. The family are stunned to learn that Alf was charged, but Romeo in particular doesn’t believe Alf is guilty for a second. Alf arrives home, but he still doesn’t want to talk about what happened, insisting no one go to the hearing with him. Alf visits Penn in the hospital, but when Charlie sees him there, she tells him to leave – he can’t be near the person he’s been charged with bashing. When Penn comes to, he says that Alf wasn’t the one who bashed him, and he doesn’t know why he said it was. Instead he says that he was bashed whilst hitchhiking.

Through flashbacks we slowly learn what happened. Penn goads Alf with talk of Nicole, to the point of Alf pushing him to the ground. This only fires Penn up even more, and he states that he’d be able to tell Alf something that would REALLY make his blood boil. Penn moves in close and reveals to Alf that he knows about ‘the affair’…… Alf is visibly shocked and very nearly hits Penn, but instead takes his frustration out on some nearby equipment.

After being sacked from the Surf Club when she sold alcohol to Ruby, Indi is trying to work out what she’s going to do with no job and no money. Sid presses her to find something, when Irene overhears and offers her a job in the Diner. Indi is not sure whether she should take it, after what she did to Ruby. Irene assures her it’s all fine, life is about second chances and what you do with them. When Charlie hears about what Irene has done, she is outraged, and Irene can no longer hold in her opinion. She tells Charlie she should be more worried about her own daughter and less about other people. Charlie thinks she’s made a mistake and doesn’t know what to do.

Angelo has heard there is a food critic coming to town, and wants to be ready in case they pop in to his restaurant. Colleen fusses over the man she thinks is a food critic in the Diner, forcing Irene to pull her in to line – before accidentally tipping his glass of water over him. When the same man comes into Angelo’s and starts asking about the food, Angelo thinks he’s in trouble, only to discover it’s not a food critic, but his little brother Paulie.

Dex wants to smooth things over with Marilyn after she accused him of having a crush on her, but after what happened the night before, Marilyn is now awkward about the prospect of being around Dex. She thinks he does have a crush, but Sid disagrees. He’s still concerned about the affect this is having on their relationship, and Marilyn believes he needs to talk to Dex and find out what is really going on. But when Dex sees the two of them together in the Surf Club, he can’t bring himself to fix everything, so he just heads off.

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