Episode 5106

Australian Air Date: 28th June 2010
UK Air Date: 5th July 2010

Indi is finally getting through to Romeo. Lijuan tells Leah that Elijah isn’t husband material. John proposes a commitment to Gina – but what is it?


Extended Summary

Romeo is still battling his mum and her alcohol addiction, but Jill is too stubborn to see she has a problem. Marilyn suggests to Jill that she get help and convinces Jill to stay a little while longer. It’ll be a good way to prove she’s not running away. Meanwhile, Romeo gets advice from Alf who tells him that he should speak to Irene again. Irene explains that if Jill isn’t ready to accept that she needs help, then there’s nothing more anyone can do to help her see that – not even Romeo. Sure enough, Romeo comes home to find his mum passed out on the couch once again.

John approaches Gina, telling her that he and Jill are definitely over and how he wants Gina to make a real commitment to him. What do you have in mind – she asks? John’s answer overwhelms her.

Things are tense between Elijah and Leah – both feeling the stress of having Elijah’s parents in the Bay and their talk of bad omens regarding the imminent wedding. Leah feels as though Elijah is being a pushover when it comes to his parents and putting Leah last on his list. Lijuan is also upset at Elijah for not defending Leah. Lijuan soon finds herself at the Diner telling Leah that perhaps she shouldn’t marry Elijah – he’s just a big marshmallow and not husband material – “he’s simply not up to handling what a marriage will throw at him”.

Indi and Dex are downloading about their first day back at Summer Bay High – wondering if each of them have discovered a love interest yet. When they bump into Romeo on the beach, it’s clear that Indi has the hots for him.

She finds herself waiting outside the Diner for Romeo to come. He’s confused as to why she’s there and she gives him her phone number – she knows he’s going through a lot and if he ever needs anything, give her a call. Romeo texts her a ‘thanks’ which lifts Indi’s spirits.

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