Episode 5105

Australian Air Date: 25th June 2010
UK Air Date: 2nd July 2010

Jill is angry with Romeo. Sid reconnects with his kids as they settle into the Bay. Leah and Elijah argue over the special document.


Extended Summary

After catching Romeo helping Gina to keep John away from her, Jill is outraged. Romeo tries to explain what he’s done, but Jill isn’t interested in listening. No matter what he says, or how he tries to explain himself, Jill shuts him down. Romeo is annoyed with himself for ruining things, just when they were going so well.

Jill tells John what Gina has been doing, and while he doesn’t approve, he isn’t willing to end it and forge a relationship with Jill – he loves Gina. Jill is stunned and says her goodbyes. When Romeo arrives home, Jill has packed her bags, and more worrying – she’s started drinking again.

Sid is reconnecting with his kids, though is having a harder time with Dex than Indi. He’s surprised at the changes Indi has made since her accident – she’s become a more caring and nicer person as a result, something even Dex sees. Sid and Liam run into each other at school, and later they both warn the other to stay away from Nicole.

Indi is amused but attracted when she meets Romeo, mostly by his name. She’s quite impressed when he talks openly about Annie and how she broke his heart. But she’s then disappointed when he says he’s not interested in romance for a long time.

The special document is on top of the fridge, and Leah has her fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong in the next two days. Lijuan’s is having problems with her teeth and this is taken as a sign, a bad sign. Leah is not happy and Elijah is not helping so the inevitable argument results.

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