Episode 5104

Australian Air Date: 24th June 2010
UK Air Date: 1st July 2010

Romeo keeps Jill away from John. Nicole struggles with Sid being back in town. Leah and Elijah take part in Lijuan’s ceremony.


Extended Summary

Jill has had a good week – 8 days without drinking, and Romeo is proud of her. She’s thinking of taking up Irene’s offer to go to AA, but isn’t sure. Romeo meets Gina, he’s trying to get her and John back together, to keep John away from Jill. He thinks she’s bad for him. Gina takes up his advice and has a drink with John. He doesn’t want her running hot and cold on him anymore, and she assures him he won’t. Romeo does his best to keep Jill from seeing John, but when she finally does, he tells her he isn’t interested in seeing her any longer. She’s crushed, only to be devastated further when she overhears that Romeo was working with Gina to keep her away from John.

Completely thrown by seeing Sid, Nicole is stunned. Sid apologises for turning up without telling her. He thinks they should talk, but she says no – she’s fine, there’s no problem anymore. Both Indi and Dex are wary about seeing people now they’re back, especially Nicole in Indi’s case. Sid has made a deal to rent the farm house from Alf and it’s not the ideal place for Dex or Indi – they’re not sold on living on a farm a long way from town. Nicole and Indi cross paths and both are sorry for how they acted last time – they bury the hatchet, wanting to start afresh. Miles on the other hand is not so forgiving, and warns Sid that he should stay away from Nicole – she doesn’t need any more drama in her life. Sid is surprised by Miles’ attitude.

Lijuan and Song have returned from their holiday, Lijuan has gifts for Leah and ideas for the wedding – she’s being very full on. She also mentions she has a tradition they want Leah and Elijah to take part in – it’s important to them. It involves placing a piece of paper on a ceremonial altar for 3 days, and if no bad omens take place, their marriage can go ahead. Leah stresses about it – anything could be considered a bad omen, but Elijah assures her it’ll all be fine.

Miles keeps trying to apologise to Marilyn, about telling Colleen that she’s dying, but Marilyn is having none of it. They keep arguing over the matter before he finally makes it up to her by bringing Nicole and Penn to have their cards read as her first customers. Marilyn is surprised by the reading of Penn’s cards, he seems perfect in every way! He asks for another go, and draws exactly the same cards. Later on Marilyn reads up on this extraordinary occurrence, and entertains the suspicion that it could be a reverse reading that means the exact opposite – and Penn may not be all that he seems….