Episode 5107

Australian Air Date: 29th June 2010
UK Air Date: 6th July 2010

Lijuan and Song leave the Bay giving Elijah and Leah their blessing. Penn tells Sid that Nicole still has a crush on him. Jill leaves the Bay, abandoning Romeo once again.


Extended Summary

Elijah is desperate to find out what his mother told Leah the night before. Lijuan reveals to Elijah that she simply put Leah in a position where she has to defend her man. And if she doesn’t, they know she’s not the one. Elijah tells his mum to stop interfering. Meanwhile, Leah thinks it’s Lijuan’s way of getting Leah out of Elijah’s life for good. Song tells Leah to not let any bad omens get in the way of her and Elijah’s happiness. Elijah tells Leah that she’s more important to her than anything and they kiss and make up. Lijuan tells Leah that they observe tradition but they’re not slave to any omens. As far as Elijah’s parents are concerned, the wedding is still on. Lijuan and Song leave the bay on a happy note.

Romeo has taken Irene’s advice and decided to back off his mum and let her make her own mistakes. Jill pulls up when Romeo tells her that it’s her life and she can do what she wants with it. Jill talks to Irene who tells her to take the second chance that Romeo’s given her – she might not get another. Jill could lose Romeo forever if she stuffs up again. Indi is thrilled that Romeo is starting to open up to her. She convinces Romeo that people can change and he should keep his chin up.

Meanwhile, Irene is giving Jill some AA literature, telling her she might consider going to a meeting. Jill tells Romeo she has decided to go to an AA meeting and he is thrilled, saying he’ll be there for her no matter what she needs. The pressure builds on Jill to be a better person. The next morning Romeo comes downstairs ready for school and finds Jill has left him a note – she’s left the Bay and abandoned her son once again. Romeo is devastated.

When Penn enquires about Sid and Nicole’s past, she tells him that she put Sid through hell. She’s grateful that Sid pushed her away when he did. Penn offers to ‘fix’ things with Sid if he does ever hassle Nicole. Knowing Penn’s there for her, Nicole’s feeling closer to him every day as she kisses him. Penn goes to see Sid telling him that Nicole and Penn are casual and that Nicole still likes Sid – even though this is nowhere near the truth and we’re left to wonder what Penn is playing at.

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