Episode 5108

Australian Air Date: 30th June 2010
UK Air Date: 7th July 2010

Will Angelo quit the police force? Charlie is given a promotion to Sergeant. Alf is forced to reveal his deepest fear to Marilyn.


Written by Chelsea Cassio
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Colleen has called the police to inform them that there is a naked man on the beach and that it is Sgt Angelo Rosetta, Charlie is shocked when they arrive to investigate and find that the drunk, disorderly and naked man – is in fact Angelo. When Constable Avary goes to help Angelo up, Angelo punches him and winds up behind bars for the night.

24 hours earlier…

Angelo speaks to his lawyer in the hope he can get the charges against him dropped (after he set Martha and Hugo free). The arrest of the corrupt cop Eaves, isn’t helping Angelo’s case – they are cracking down on corruption even more so now. His lawyer tells Angelo he will stay suspended from his job indefinitely until this is all sorted. Meanwhile Charlie finds out that Angelo’s confession has meant the investigation into corruption at the police station has been dropped.

Angelo speaks to Miles about his suspension – Angelo is under the impression he’s jinxed, thinking bad luck follows him around no matter what he does right. Angelo is tired of proving that he’s should be a cop. He worked so hard getting back on the force already. Angelo’s prosecutor makes him a deal – the prosecutor doesn’t want Angelo’s story to come out as it will mean a lot of bad press for the police department. Angelo can walk free on one condition – he gives up his career as a policeman. Later that day, whilst in the bar, Angelo makes his decision – he calls his solicitor and tells him that he’s going to resign. He heads to the diner a little worse for wear, and bumps into Miles. Miles asks how things have gone and Angelo says he won’t be going to jail – but doesn’t elaborate on the reasons behind it.

He later heads to the beach, wearing his police uniform, and lights a fire – stripping off and burning his whole uniform. Colleen is shocked to see this and calls the police. After taking Angelo back to the station, Charlie receives a phone call offering her a promotion to Sergeant.

Since finding out that Marilyn is dying, Colleen can’t be nice enough to her – and keeps bringing her casseroles. Marilyn introduces Alf and Miles to her ventriloquist doll – Mr. Oddly – he’s going to be the mascot for her new business. Alf is very taken by the sight of the wooden doll, recoiling and disturbed – he doesn’t like it one bit.

Mr Oddly plays on Alf’s mind all day. Alf soon reveals to Marilyn that as a child he was introduced to a ventriloquist doll on his fifth birthday. We flashback to the party where Alf, dressed as a cowboy, is sat around a table with his friends and four sisters, blowing out the candles on his cake. Morag (dressed as a witch), is putting down Celia (dressed as the Virgin Mary) when a clown appears behind them. He introduces his ventriloquist doll, and it scares the living daylights out of Alf – “Strike me roan!” – who seeks comfort with his dad Gordon. Alf has never recovered, and as a result Marilyn promises to keep Mr Oddly out of his way.