Episode 5109

Australian Air Date: 1st July 2010
UK Air Date: 8th July 2010

The mystery of Mr Oddly disturbs Alf. John says yes to Gina’s offer. Angelo gets a job at the bait shop.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

When Alf sees Mr Oddly on a chair in the middle of the night he snaps, grabbing the doll and forcing it into a sack. He leaves the house with it and buries Mr Oddly in the caravan park, being spotted by Miles doing so. Miles wonders what Alf was doing out in the middle of the night with a shovel. Alf explains it away by saying he was burying a dead bird. But sure enough, by some force of magic, Mr Oddly finds his way back into the house, muddied and on their front doorstep. Alf demands answers from both Marilyn and Miles as to how Mr Oddly got back into the house…but neither have answers – they just assume a dog took it and put it back on their doorstep. Alf knows that he buried Mr Oddly so the whole thing seems impossible to him. Alf soon finds Mr Oddly’s footprints leading up to the house as though he walked there by himself…

Charlie is growing more worried about Angelo – he has no job and seems unhappier with each passing day. Angelo is feeling down and out after his arrest and his recent resignation from the police force. He seeks advice from Marilyn who tells him that he should see it as an opportunity. Before long Alf offers Angelo a job as manager of the Bait Shop, which he begrudgingly takes.

Tony is excited about the female boxing classes he’s starting up out at the farm, and reiterates to a concerned Gina and Rachel that it’s all about getting fit and motivated. Rachel is still clearly upset that Tony is going ahead with it regardless of her concerns. Gina confides in Rachel in regards to the proposal John put on the table – he wants her to move in with him. Gina wonders why she shouldn’t move in with John, the worst thing that happens is they break up. Now she just has to sell the idea to Xavier. Gina soon says no to John’s offer – but only because she’s got something else in mind – for him to move in with her and Xavier. John says yes and as Gina predicted, Xavier’s reaction is over the top and she is more than a bit disappointed.

Ruby is thrilled to hear that Liam has booked a recording session at a studio in Yabbie Creek. Now they just have to choose the two songs they’re going to record.

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