Episode 5092

Australian Air Date: 8th June 2010
UK Air Date: 15th June 2010

With Eaves missing, everyone at the farm is in danger. Song tells Leah not to worry, that his marriage to Lijuan is very solid.


Written by Chelsea Cassio
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Apart from all the snoring they’re doing, Leah has growing concern for all Lijuan and Song’s fighting. She wonders to Elijah if they too will end up like that. Elijah is confident they won’t, his parents are one of a kind. Song puts Leah’s mind to rest, assuring her that his marriage of 35 years is still very solid and their love is very big.

As the four sit down to a dinner, Tony and Rachel ask how Gina and Xavier are and they both put on a brave face. Rachel takes it one step further, wondering if Hugo will come anywhere near the Bay. Rachel believes that while Hugo’s still here, everyone associated with him is at risk. Rachel goes so far as to say that Hugo should leave town before he does any more damage. Rachel has growing concern for everyone’s safety especially Tony and Harry.

Having learned that Angelo and Eaves are on their way to the farm house, Hugo is on edge. However Charlie insists that she can’t let him go – Eaves won’t be stupid enough to do anything whilst both Charlie and Angelo are there. However when she calls Angelo, who has to speak in code with Eaves next to him, he confirms that they aren’t able to offer the protection that Hugo needs. Charlie reluctantly releases Hugo, but makes it clear that he will have to give himself up again when Eaves is out of the way, otherwise she will have to arrest his family for harbouring a fugitive.

Eaves realises that Angelo does not trust him, and grows suspicious when he asks for Angelo’s phone and sees that Charlie was the last person to call him. When Eaves and Angelo arrive at the farm house, there’s proof Angelo has been lying to Eaves as they spot Charlie’s car in the driveway. Eaves is now furious. When Angelo refuses to get out the car, Eaves shows his true colours by turning the gun on him, stating that he’d happily shoot him to get to Hugo. As they head to the front door, they are distracted by the horn of the police car – it’s Hugo. Eaves takes aim but Angelo manages to divert the bullet and wrestle him to the ground.

Eaves heads after Hugo and Angelo – and manages to corner Angelo. He’s about to shoot when Hugo creeps up behind Eaves and hits him over the head. However in the ensuing scuffle, Eaves manages to shoot Hugo in the leg. Eaves points the gun at Angelo again, but by now Charlie has joined them and shoots at Eaves who makes his escape.

Meanwhile Gina and Xavier have arrived, and are shocked when a wounded Hugo is dragged into the house. They call Rachel to come over and help Hugo, whilst Charlie and Angelo head back out to find Eaves.

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