Episode 5093

Australian Air Date: 9th June 2010
UK Air Date: 16th June 2010

With the help of Tony, Angelo and Charlie finally overcome Eaves. Liam overhears Ruby saying she can’t stop thinking about him. Angelo sticks to the story that Hugo overcame him and escaped with Martha.


Written by James Walker
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Tony and Rachel speed towards the farm in the hope they can help, leaving Harry in the care of Alf. With no idea who is out at the farm and who is armed, Tony soon pulls over the car, unsure at whether he is willing to risk their lives to save Hugo. Tony and Rachel collectively decide to keep going as they continue to drive towards the farm house. Rachel goes inside while Tony sees if he can help Charlie and Angelo outside.

After heading back outside to find Eaves, Charlie soon has a gun pointed at her and at the other end of it is Eaves. First he gets the jump on them and eventually things are turned around. With no weapons, Angelo distracts Eaves by speeding past on a motorbike with a scarecrow sat on the back. Eaves uses his last bullets on the scarecrow and Charlie hits him to the ground. However he has another gun strapped to his ankle and takes aim at Charlie and Angelo. Suddenly Eaves drops to the ground again, having been hit over the head by Tony wielding an iron bar.

With Eaves finally secured, Angelo states that he is arresting both Hugo and Martha. However as he transports then into town, he pulls over to the side of the road and tells them to get out the car. He then tells Hugo to hit him in the face – it has to look authentic if anyone is going to believe that Hugo and Martha jumped him to make their escape. Hugo asks Angelo why he’s doing this and Angelo explains that with Eaves in custody they don’t need Hugo for the people smuggling case any more. He’s already used up his credit for witness protection, so it’s doubtful he would last long enough in jail to testify anyway. Martha realises that neither of them have said goodbye to their families, but Angelo points out this is the only way that Hugo and Martha can have any form of life together. Hugo eventually complies and hits Angelo, and Martha thanks Angelo with a hug. Hugo and Martha drive off into the night, and out of the bay forever.

The next morning, news reaches town about Hugo and Martha’s escape. Gina is devastated but Xavier makes her realise that Hugo and Martha will be happy together. An emotional Alf heads to the farm house and picks up a framed picture of him and Martha. He says goodbye to her, knowing that he may never see his granddaughter again.

Ruby’s thoughts are firmly fixed on her romantic life and mostly Liam. All she can do is think about him. Nicole’s advice is to take a cold shower. Ruby heads off to see Irene and runs into Liam in the diner. She soon finds herself taking a moonlight walk along the beach with him. Ruby barely survives the walk as Liam’s singing is a bit too hot for her to handle. Ruby has a cold shower as Nicole suggests but it doesn’t work as Ruby realises her feelings for Liam are more than just physical and she can’t stop thinking about him. This as, Liam arrives hearing the last of Ruby’s confession to Nicole.