Episode 5091

Australian Air Date: 7th June 2010
UK Air Date: 14th June 2010

Leah is on edge following the arrival of Lijuan and Song. After insensitive comments from Colleen, a self-conscious Alf and Marilyn agree to go on a date. Everyone now knows what Eaves is capable of.


Extended Summary

Charlie is interviewing Eaves about his motive for shooting Killer. But the only thing on Eaves’ mind is getting out to the farm to catch his long lost rival, Hugo. Eaves uses the guise of a police investigation to get himself out to the farm to see Hugo. Knowing that Hugo and Martha will be in trouble, Angelo delays Eaves by telling him he has to wait at the station until getting the all clear from the psychologist, considering Eaves just shot someone.

Meanwhile out at the farm, Martha is begging Hugo not to go anywhere, but it’s the only way he can save himself and Martha – he can’t be a sitting duck to Eaves or Angelo. Angelo calls Martha who confirms how ‘bad’ Eaves is. She tells Angelo what Hugo said – Eaves won’t hesitate killing someone else. Angelo lets Charlie in on the news that Hugo is most likely out at the farm with Martha.

Charlie heads over to the farm to find Hugo but also warn Martha and Hugo about Eaves. When she arrives Martha refuses to reveal his whereabouts considering Eaves might want Hugo dead. Charlie insists Hugo is safer with the police than without them and Hugo eventually reveals himself to Charlie and lets her cuff him. Meanwhile Eaves’ warrant has come through and he has ordered Angelo to take him out to the farm. As Angelo drives him there, Eaves demands that he hand over his weapon – Angelo does so reluctantly.

Leah is finally meeting Elijah’s parents who are both big personalities, the biggest being his mum, Lijuan as she’s a woman in control of every situation. Lijuan has brought her own tea, pillows and sheets, and the constant bickering between her and Song puts Leah on edge. But soon the parents fall head over heels for Leah and admit they’re very glad their son has chosen her.

After Colleen’s insensitive comments about Alf being too old to go out with Marilyn and Marilyn not being good enough for Alf, both Alf and Marilyn are more than a little self conscious and decide to actually go out on a date.

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