Episode 5031

Australian Air Date: 15th March 2010
UK Air Date: 22nd March 2010

Charlie decides to get counselling. Martha tries to re-establish her friendship with Liam. Leah and Elijah get locked in a caravan together.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Elijah has revealed to Miles that he’s holding a secret which could devastate Leah and complicate his romantic feelings towards her. With his confusion escalating, Elijah makes the decision to leave Summer Bay, thinking it’s best for everyone. Leah has picked up Elijah’s awkwardness around her and can tell he’s distancing himself. Leah begs Miles for more information about Elijah’s state of mind but Miles thinks it’s best to keep his mouth shut. Regardless, Miles still feels caught in the middle of it all and Rabbit offers to help him out. He goes along with Rabbit’s plan and phones both Leah and Elijah to come to dinner at his place. When Elijah and Leah arrive they see that Miles has left a note asking them to meet in one of the caravans. They get to the caravan and once inside, the door slams behind them and they realise they’ve been locked in. Was this Rabbit’s plan?

When Liam offers to make dinner, Martha finds herself getting upset at him once more. Liam reiterates that friends don’t talk to each other the way she’s talking to him. Liam makes it clear he wants her to decide exactly what she wants out of their friendship. Martha is full of confusion over why she’s acting the way she is. Leaning to Alf for advice, he reveals to Martha that perhaps she jumped into a relationship too soon after Hugo. All she is certain of is that she doesn’t want to lose Liam’s friendship. Martha soon seeks Liam out at school offering to help him look for a new car to buy. Liam is happy she’s offered but is hoping not to encounter any big personality shifts from her again. She promises that won’t happen and reassures him that she’s serious about building their friendship.

Charlie is downloading to Leah, trying to work out how she feels about Angelo and their decision to be friends again. VJ is confused about the situation which makes Charlie realise that she’s still trying to work things out in her own head. She certainly doesn’t want him pulling away from her completely. Ultimately Charlie decides to go with the flow. But when Angelo asks Charlie out to dinner she fumbles through an excuse, leaving him very disappointed. Later Charlie admits to Leah that she panicked and all she wanted to do when Angelo asked her out was to pack her bags. Charlie soon realises she needs to find out a bit more about who she is. Leah presents her with the option of counselling and Charlie bites the bullet, she’s going to get help.

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