Episode 5030

Australian Air Date: 12th March 2010
UK Air Date: 19th March 2010

Elijah and Leah struggle with their feelings for each other. Liam brushes Martha off. Tony has his first day in his new teaching job.


Written by Andrew Osborne
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Leah is still struggling with her feelings for Elijah – he’s being nice to her and she can’t handle it. Rachel wonders if Elijah feels the same way about Leah, but Leah assures her this isn’t the case. Rachel suggests that she could take her classes elsewhere, forcing Leah to admit that she doesn’t want to stop seeing Elijah. They’re still comfortable around each other, but it turns out it’s only a cover – Elijah isn’t handling it well at all, consulting with God as to which direction he should take with Leah. He swaps partners with her in the next class, after they share a moment, unable to be close to her now. He struggles with his feelings, eventually admitting to Miles that he’s realized he has feelings for Leah as well. But it’s not straightforward for him – there’s something he’s not told anyone about, and it’s something to do with Leah.

Martha is thrown after Liam has had a go at her for how she’s been treating him. He’s cold with her and nothing she says gets through to him. She’s left examining how she’s been acting and worries she’s made a mess of their relationship. But Liam doesn’t want to talk about it, and Martha is left to ponder the situation by herself. When Tony sees her down, he assumes it’s Liam’s fault and has a dig at him. Liam is angered by this, and tells Tony to mind his own business. Liam confronts Martha outside the Surf Club, but she refuses to acknowledge that she’s been blowing hot and cold. Alf interupts their arguement to see if anything is up, and Liam storms off. Martha admits later that she hasn’t been treating him well and Liam thinks she needs to decide what it is she wants.

Miles discovers another graffitti tag at the Caravan Park, and confronts Rabbit again. But Rabbit is still adament that she had nothing to do with the tagging and when Miles challenges her by saying he saw her tagging a caravan whilst staking out the Caravan Park, she tells him he must be hallucinating.

Tony is preparing for his first day as a schoolteacher, but he’s very nervous – it’s been years since he’s taught and he doesn’t want to screw up, but Rachel reassures him that his years of experience will stand him in good stead. But in his first class he’s the subject of a practical joke, and he’s left feeling like he’s out of his depth. Miles gives him a pep talk – he needs to show the kids who’s boss. He returns to the class and turns the tables on the practical joker, finally settling in as a teacher.

Once back home, he tells Rachel about some issues he has with Gina – it all goes back to a lemonade stand they had when he was nine, which they fell out over. And they’ve never managed to get over it – working together always leads them to disaster.

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