Episode 5029

Australian Air Date: 11th March 2010
UK Air Date: 18th March 2010

Charlie and Angelo try being friends. Martha is being distant with Liam. Annie can’t get Romeo off her mind.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Charlie is thrown after the kiss with Angelo – she isn’t sure what to do, or how to act. Ruby thinks Charlie should give it another go, but Charlie isn’t so sure – the reasons they broke up haven’t changed – she’s still unable to commit. But Angelo, happy about the kiss and willing to take whatever he can get, gives her a way out, offering instead to start just as friends and to go from there. Charlie is amiable to that, and they hang out – it’s relaxed and comfortable and there’s a chance it might actually work, with Charlie confiding in Angelo that she’s thinking of taking a Detective’s exam. But Charlie wants to take their new situation slowly and not rush and Angelo is okay with that.

Liam is surprised when Martha tells him they’re just housemates and nothing more. He thought they were moving toward something more than that and her attitude annoys him. He’s cold with her and she calls him on it – what’s wrong with him? She knows she must’ve done something wrong, and wants to make it okay, which is re-enforced after a conversation with Colleen. Martha goes to visit Liam at the school to apologise and after hearing his car has broken down, she offer him a lift home. On the way, she pulls over and they have sex in the car. But when they arrive home, Martha is once again cold, and Liam has had enough. He doesn’t like the way she’s treating him and right now their “situation” isn’t working for him at all.

The only thing on Annie’s mind since returning to the Bay is Romeo, and as much as she tries, she can’t avoid talking about him. He’s all she’s thought about while in Japan, and she wants to know if he feels the same way. She explains to Ruby that she might stay in the Bay if things work out with Romeo, which Irene overhears. But Annie’s disappointed when he doesn’t come to school, and Ruby’s explanations that he probably wants a day to clear his head after everything with Mink don’t help her – she wanted to see him. Annie is left worried – maybe Romeo doesn’t miss her as badly as she missed him. Later on the beach, Irene confesses to Annie that she overheard her talking about Romeo and wants to make sure Annie makes any big decisions for the right reasons – Annie assures her she will consider all her options. Annie discusses the conversation with Ruby, who tells her that Irene has a point, but Annie confesses that this is a big deal for her – she thinks she’s in love with Romeo.

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