Episode 5028

Australian Air Date: 10th March 2010
UK Air Date: 17th March 2010

Mink leaves the bay with a positive outlook, whilst Annie returns to the Bay. Angelo and Charlie try to work out their feelings. Aden is pleased that Nicole has taken control of her life.


Written by James Walker
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

Mink is shocked at how well Gina knows her, a side of her she has tried to keep hidden from the world. She opens up to Gina, confessing that she doesn’t like the way she is and wishes she could change it. After the talk she decides to shed her “old self”. She goes and sees Romeo, and tells him that she trusts him and knows he’d never do anything to hurt her. She hugs him and their relationship seems to have turned a corner. The next morning she says her goodbyes to the people in the Bay, Gina reminds her to take care of herself – Mink will never forget what Gina did for her. Gina also thanks Mink for reminding her of the girl from her past that she’d almost forgotten about. Mink tells Romeo she needs some time to herself, but she’ll be back – he’d better keep himself in line or else. And Mink heads off to her new life, finally taking steps in the right direction.

Annie has arrived back in the bay, surprising Irene who was expecting to pick her up later. They take a walk along the beach and Annie reveals to Irene that she has the opportunity to extend her stay in Japan if she wants to, but she is torn as to whether she should finish her eduction in Summer Bay. At that moment Romeo, who is saddened by Mink’s departure, walks into the diner and his face lights up when he sees Annie. They catch up – both having missed each other, but not sure how to act around the other…but it’s clear there’s still romance in the air between them. She tells him she’s back for a 6 week visit – he has that long to convince her to stay for good – or she’ll be heading back to Japan for at least 6 months. Romeo is left challenged – will he be able to convince Annie to stay?

Charlie and Angelo are missing each other since their break up, and things are awkward between them, but neither will make a move. Romeo encourages Angelo to do something out of the ordinary to get Charlie back, but Angelo has no idea what that would be. He tells Angelo to be direct – at least that way she knows where he stands and she can decide for herself. Spurred by Romeo’s encouragement, Angelo goes over to Charlies’ and kisses her. He tells her his feelings haven’t changed, and leaves.

Nicole’s obsession with her designs is becoming a turn-on for Aden – he likes how she’s taken control of her life and her future. She finds it strange but he just wants her to be happy. He confesses that he wants her to achieve her dreams – the one thing that Belle didn’t get to do.

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