Episode 5027

Australian Air Date: 9th March 2010
UK Air Date: 16th March 2010

Mink discovers Xavier has told people about her past. Elijah tells Miles not to let Leah know that he knows she has feeling for him. Tony is having difficulty finding a job.


Written by Matt Anderson
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis

Extended Summary

After Miles has told him about Leah’s feelings for him, Elijah doesn’t know what to do. Miles can’t admit to Leah what he’s done, and feels terrible every time he’s around her. Feeling down over his constant ability to make things worse, Miles is buoyed by Rabbit, but it doesn’t last. He goes to Elijah for help – should he just tell Leah the truth? After some consideration, Elijah tells him that it might be best for Leah if she doesn’t know – she doesn’t need more drama, it might undo the progress she’s made. But when Leah and Elijah are forced to pair up in the group self-defence class that night, both realise they may not be able to avoid each other easily.

Since selling the rest of the Gym to John, Tony is having little luck with the search for a new job. Rachel is still upset with him over his decision to sell without consulting her. Tony tells Gina he wants to do something that matters, but he’s not even sure what that is. Preparing for an interview for a labouring job, Rachel and Tony argue – she wants him to do something more, she thinks he can do better. He knows he can, all he’s trying to do is provide for the family. The interview doesn’t go well, but afterwards Miles mentions that the PE teacher’s job is still open at the school – he should ask Gina about it. Tony goes to Gina and asks to put his application in. She’s hesitant – things didn’t end so well the last time they worked together – but both are willing to give it another shot.

Xavier is a bit down after Mink’s decision to leave town, given what he’s learnt about why she is the way she is. Cornered by Gina, he’s unable to stop himself from spilling the truth to her about Mink. When Mink finds him acting strangely later, and Ruby being strangely nice to her, she realises he’s told Ruby and she’s angry – telling him to keep his mouth shut. Gina runs into her on the beach, and Mink realises that Xavier has told her as well. She angrily confronts him about spilling her secrets – he’s got no right to do that – she gets quite emotional, which surprises Xavier and Ruby. Xavier can’t believe he’s been so stupid, but Ruby reassures him that he was just looking out for Mink, and then kisses him. Gina talks to Mink later on and lays out the truth – Mink was right, Gina does see herself in Mink. She knows Mink better than Mink knows herself and she’s worried about where it’s leading her. Burying the real fragile person that she is and putting on a tough act, just as Gina did when her husband left her, will destroy her. They talk about Mink’s history and Gina finally gets through to her. Mink breaks down in Gina’s arms.

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