Episode 5026

Australian Air Date: 8th March 2010
UK Air Date: 15th March 2010

Mink decides to leave the Bay. Nicole is becoming obsessed with her design course. Leah struggles with her feelings for Elijah.

Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by Scott Hartford Davis


Extended Summary

Mink has decided to leave the Bay and tells Romeo she’s taking off tomorrow. She wants to bury all their ill will and have a nice last day together and Romeo agrees. At the going away dinner, Mink knows they’re all glad to see her go, and she can’t blame them. Mink wants Romeo to come with her, but he wants to stay in the Bay. This upsets Mink, she wishes she was more important to Romeo – she wonders why he never visited her in juvey. Romeo admits that he felt guilty and that he should’ve been the one to go to prison, not her, but Mink thinks he’s wrong. If he had gone, he never would’ve survived. It was better this way. But it’s left Mink tortured and very messed up, something that breaks Romeo’s heart.

Nicole is working overtime on her design class – she’s putting everything she has into it, and Aden’s being really supportive, even though it means he doesn’t get to see her as much. When they do, all she can talk about is the course, and it worries Aden she might be going a bit overboard. When she shows him her first designs, he comments they are amazing but Nicole can see he’s having to try hard to be enthusiastic, which doesn’t please her. The next morning Aden apologises, he simply doesn’t know that much about fashion. Her reaction did worry him though, he doesn’t want to see her crushed if it doesn’t go the way she wants. When she meets the designer, Britt, and submits her design, Britt is very impressed, and gives Nicole top marks, which makes Nicole’s day. Then Britt offers Nicole an internship, which concerns Aden – he thinks it might be too much. But Nicole assures him she can handle it, and she accepts. She’s completely thrilled by this amazing opportunity.

Miles tells Elijah that Leah can’t make it to their self defence class, but he’s only able to offer a weak excuse. Leah is distracted by her feelings for Elijah, unable to focus at work, not sure of what she should do about them. Miles encourages her to be honest with Elijah, but Leah isn’t sure whether she can do that. She tells him that her history with men makes her feel jinxed – either something bad has happened to all of them or they’ve left. She’s continues to be nervous around Elijah when he walks her to work, and when Elijah asks Miles if Leah’s okay, he balks. He tells Leah later that she needs to be honest – he doesn’t want to keep lying to Elijah. Leah arrives for her lesson, but again chickens out on telling Elijah the truth. But Miles arrives later and assumes she has, and he inadvertently tells Elijah that Leah has feelings for him.