Episode 5032

Australian Air Date: 16th March 2010
UK Air Date: 23rd March 2010

Romeo auditions for the school play with Annie. Nicole’s exciting internship so far involves getting coffee. Leah finds out that Elijah knows she has feelings for him.


Written by Sandy Webster
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Locked inside the caravan and still hiding their true feelings for each other, Leah takes the chance to ask Elijah more about himself. Feeling the strain of harbouring a secret that will affect Leah, Elijah doesn’t reveal much of himself. Leah digs deeper and asks about his romantic past with Elijah telling her he’s been on his own since becoming a Reverend. Meanwhile, Miles is at home perplexed that both Leah and Elijah haven’t shown up for dinner. Rabbit reveals that Leah may have left a message for Miles on his phone and Miles soon discovers that Leah and Elijah have been locked in a van all this time. Opening the door to the caravan, Miles apologises profusely for not having found them sooner. Leah wonders why Miles left them a note telling them to meet him in the caravan. Miles stumbles through an excuse, knowing Rabbit had something to do with it. Later on, Elijah comes to see Miles to let him know he’s decided against leaving town. But when Leah arrives Elijah makes a quick exit. With pressure building and secrets everywhere, Miles reveals to Leah that he accidently told Elijah that Leah has feelings for him. Leah is completely floored and horrified that Miles could do such a thing.

Nicole is thrilled to be starting her internship soon and talks a lot about what sort of designs she hopes to be showing her mentor, Britt Hobart. Romeo steps in with a more realistic view, suggesting to Nicole that maybe she’ll be performing more administrative tasks before she gets into the designing side of things. Nicole knows she wasn’t picked to be an office slave. But before Nicole has even reached the front door of Britt Hobart’s studio she gets a phone call from Britt, asking her to do a coffee run. Was Romeo right?

Having been sick and off school for a while, Romeo hasn’t had the chance to catch up with Annie and she’s clearly missing him being around. She discusses things with Irene who remarks that the trip to Japan has changed her for the better – she’s a far more confident young woman. As soon as Annie spots Romeo at school the flirting ensues. Miles announces to them both that auditions are being held for the school play, and Annie talks Romeo into auditioning with her on the basis that they’ll be able to spend more time together. Romeo turns up to the auditions only to find that the play he’ll be auditioning for with Annie is none other than Romeo & Juliet – the ultimate love story.

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