Episode 5020

Australian Air Date: 26th February 2010
UK Air Date: 5th March 2010

Charlie and Angelo break up. Aden has two jobs on offer. Elijah offers Leah private Jiu-jitsu classes.


Written by Stephen Vagg
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Charlie is still getting her head around Angelo’s comments about how she chooses partners who she doesn’t have to commit to. Charlie insists she doesn’t chose her partners based on that, stating that both Roman and Joey broke up with her. But Angelo is sure there’s a pattern there. Things escalate and Charlie is hurt and upset that Angelo thinks she is a problem to solve. Charlie is called out to the Bait Shop where a graffitti vandal has left their mark. Aden notices Charlie lost in her thoughts and she asks him for some relationship advice. She tells him the whole story and laments that Angelo is probably right about her subconciously making sure her relationships are over before they’ve started. Aden can only tell her that she needs to tell Angelo the truth about her feelings. When she returns to the police station, Angelo is quick to apologise and Charlie eventually agrees, she does sabotage her relationships. But she’s not sure she can change either. Charlie makes a decision – they’re breaking up.

Elijah Johnson, Summer Bay’s new reverend, introduces himself to Miles at the caravan park. Elijah says he’s there on business, and noting Miles’ look, assures him that he isn’t there to doorknock the caravans – he’s seeking accommodation for a retreat he is organising for some colleagues. He asks if there’s any special rates as the ‘churchy types’ don’t make that much money. Miles, familiar with this form of spiel, is humoured and is sure they can work something out. Elijah accompanies Miles to the diner, where Miles introduces him to Leah as Father Elijah. He is quick to correct that it’s actually Reverend Johnson. Miles aplogises about the mixup and Leah points out the difference to him – reverends can marry whilst priests cannot. Elijah jokes about it being ‘all about the ladies’, leaving Leah rather smitten as he departs. Elijah later tries his spiel on Alf in order to get some bait for the planned retreat fishing trips. Alf tells him to head over to the Bait Shop where Aden will sort him out, but is confused when Elijah states he’s just come from there and it was closed up.

Alf has heard that Leah is looking for someone to work at the Diner and they’re thinking of offering the job to Aden. Alf doesn’t want Aden to leave the Bait Shop but understands it’s his choice if he wants to leave. Alf approaches Aden, subtly sussing out whether he wants to stay at the Bait Shop. There are mixed messages and Aden takes Alf’s questioning as a sign that Alf doesn’t want him around. When Leah offers Aden a job at the Diner, he jumps at the chance, thinking he’s probably not welcome at the Bait Shop anyway. When Aden returns to the Bait Shop after picking up some fishing line, an angry Alf is waiting for an explanation. They argue about whether Aden wants to work there and Alf says that maybe he should go back to working for Leah if he’s unhappy. Aden explains that he’s already accepted Leah’s offer as he felt like Alf didn’t want him at the Bait Shop.Alf explains to Aden that there’s been a mix up and he’s loved having him run the place. Aden now faces the dilemma of having two jobs on offer. He settles on doing both jobs part time.

Leah has decided to go ahead with the Jiu-jitsu classes which Tony suggested. When she turns up she is surprised to see Elijah taking the class. Leah watches on as Elijah gives an introductory speech. But when Elijah asks Leah to volunteer herself for a demonstration, she finds herself in the midst of another panic attack and rushes out of the class. Elijah hurries after her, and seeing Leah is distressed, he offers her private tutorial after the regular class. Leah is hesitant to accept on the count of costs, but he suggests that maybe Leah could offer him and his retreat friends 10% off meals at the Diner in exchange. Leah’s happy to accept.

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