Episode 5019

Australian Air Date: 25th February 2010
UK Air Date: 4th March 2010

Martha and Charlie help Leah with her panic attack. Angelo tells Charlie she has commitment issues. Tony has an idea to combat Leah’s problems.

Written by Adam Dolman
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

In the Diner’s storeroom, Leah is hiding, sweating and shaking. Irene is the first one to approach, having been looking for Leah at the party. But when Leah doesn’t want to come out, Irene realises things are serious and acts quickly, sending all the party goers to the Surf Club to finish the celebration there.

Soon enough Irene, Colleen and Martha are all trying to talk Leah out from inside the storeroom. But with Leah not moving, Martha decides instead to go in there with her whilst Irene heads to the Surf Club. Martha tells Leah that she understands, recalling the time when she was so afraid of Angelo that she slept in the shed on the farm. Charlie soon arrives joining Leah and Martha and after chatting with Charlie about what she’s been through in her own life with Grant, Leah decides to surface, slowly coming around to thinking more rationally about her own situation. Leah considers seeing a counsellor as Charlie explains how it helped her – Charlie only wishes she continued seeing someone after what happened with Grant. Martha tells Tony what happened with Leah and this sets him thinking – Leah has always been more about actions than words. The next day, Tony heads around to see Leah and is insistant that she follows him to the surf club. Once there he shows her an ad for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes being held at the school. Leah agrees to give it a try.

Angelo is still coming to terms with the fact that Charlie doesn’t want to move in with him. Charlie insists she still wants a relationship with him and nothing has changed – it’s just that living together may not work right now. Angelo seeks advice from Alf about Charlie while Charlie seeks advice from Leah. Alf tells Angelo perhaps he shouldn’t worry about tomorrow and live more in the moment with Charlie and Angelo is quick to agree.

With momentum, Angelo meets with Charlie to tell her what he thinks of the whole situation. Angelo thinks she has a commitment problem and that she inadvertently chooses partners who are temporary and who she doesn’t have to commit to. But now Angelo’s there and he’s permanent, Charlie doesn’t know what to do.