Episode 5021

Australian Air Date: 1st March 2010
UK Air Date: 8th March 2010

Ruby agrees to open the door to the possibility of getting back together with Xavier. Charlie wants to keep space between her and Angelo. Tony tells Palmer he wants out of the gym.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Xavier and Ruby have been spending time together and it’s clear that they are enjoying each other’s company. They are surprised at how easy their first day back at school goes and being with each other helped a lot. Xavier’s good mood even has Gina suspicious, stating that she can’t help not taking anything at face value after Hugo’s deceit, but she realises it is because Xavier is enjoying his time with Ruby. Xavier starts to feel like there’s a chance they will become a couple again and is delighted by the prospect. However, Ruby, influenced by the turmoil in Charlie’s love life, inadvertently hurts Xavier by telling him that she never wants to lose his friendship and the best way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to never get romantic with each other. Shattered, Xavier tries to do as she asks, but finds he can only manage that if he keeps his distance from her. Ruby finally realises what he’s doing and finds she doesn’t like not having him around and subsequently changes her mind. She now thinks it’s okay to keep the door open to the possibility of having a relationship with him and Xavier’s spirits soar!

Charlie, having trouble making the commitment to live with Angelo, shocks and hurts him by breaking up with him instead. Charlie talks things over with Ruby whilst Angelo drowns his sorrows down at the surf club with Alf for company. The break is anything but clean as the two still have to work together. Angelo finds it too hard to deal with and his initial solution is to try and work from home. The plan doesn’t work for long as, in the office to collect some files to take home, Angelo and Charlie, as senior officers on duty, get called out to a fatal road accident. The MVA is a sobering experience for both police officers and it puts some perspective into their own problems. Angelo proposes that they put their efforts into preserving their friendship and is shocked when Charlie wants to do the opposite – she wants no personal contact between them at all.

Tony hasn’t found it easy dealing with John from the moment he decided to sell him a majority share of the Gym, and the relationship seems to be going further downhill. John, it seems, can’t help but put Tony down through a never ending stream of gibes and sarcastic comments. Rachel, concerned that she’s only working part-time and not wishing to be the sole breadwinner, tries to hose Tony down, but she underestimates just how difficult it is for Tony to put up with John. Rachel talks to Gina who in turn, despite Rachel’s attempts to stop her, questions John over his treatment of Tony. When Tony finds out John is organising a new gym promotion without consulting him, it is the final straw. Rachel is horrified when, in a moment of anger, Tony tells John that he wants out of the Gym and suggests that John buys him out.

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