Episode 5022

Australian Air Date: 2nd March 2010
UK Air Date: 9th March 2010

Martha tells Liam that she think she’s pregnant. Tony earns Rachel’s wrath over his decision to sell the gym. Aden and Nicole can’t seem to find the time to be together.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

While Martha and Liam have been enjoying each other’s company and sharing the Farm House, Liam hasn’t been feeling like he knows where he stands with her, but he hasn’t been pushing things. He’s concerned when Martha turns up for breakfast and declares that she’s feeling sick. Not wanting to make a fuss, Martha decides to go to work anyway, hoping the illness will pass. She manages some of her shift before becoming dizzy and nauseous, and then heads home for some rest and recuperation. Liam gets home as soon as he can, and offers to look after her. Ready, if not particularly able, he even offers to cook dinner. Martha isn’t hungry, even though she’s now feeling somewhat better. She does seem very tense and nervous however, and eventually Liam finds out why – Martha’s period is late and she thinks she’s pregnant.

Tony has had a gutful of John Palmer’s niggling attitude and on a whim has asked him to buy Tony’s remaining share of the Gym business. Only trouble is, Rachel wasn’t consulted about this massive decision and she isn’t happy. Gina tends to see both sides of the problem and tries to help find a solution. She goes and talks to John again, asking if he pushed Tony into it, and he insists that he didn’t. He states that it isn’t in the business’s best interest to lose someone as valuable to the clients as Tony. He assures her that he hasn’t made any decision as to whether to buy Tony out, and Gina convinces him to give Tony some time to come around. After some cooling off time, Tony comes home and tells Rachel he wishes to sell the gym whether John is the buyer or not. Rachel and Tony eventually reach a compromise – if Tony still feels the same in a few weeks, he can sell the business, but he needs to line up some new work before he does. With Rachel still only working part-time it seems like an ideal compromise. Gina’s heartened that Tony can live with that, and is telling him so when Tony sees John up ahead. He goes to him and tells John he no longer wants to sell out, but as the two start bickering again, John names a figure for the rest of the business and Tony accepts it. The two men shake on the deal. Gina, looking on, is astounded by what’s happened and Rachel can’t believe it either. It seems like there’s some rocky days ahead for this family.

Nicole is back at school for another year and is finding it all much easier to handle than she imagined. The two reasons for that are that she has Aden by her side and that she is able to take a fashion design course that will count towards her HSC. As a result she is studying hard, but there’s a downside – Aden and her don’t seem to be able to spend much time together. Aden tries to rectify that by changing his shifts around, but no matter what he seems to do, Nicole is tied up. Things are made worse when noted fashion designer, Britt Hobart, a favourite of Nicole’s, is slated to visit the school for a semester and comment on the design students first projects. Nicole, desperate to impress Britt, throws herself into her first designs – leaving Aden out in the cold.

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