Episode 5023

Australian Air Date: 3rd March 2010
UK Air Date: 10th March 2010

Liam spins out before receiving some good news. Ruby teases Xavier before he asks her out. Xavier overhears Mink and Romeo’s darkest secret.


Written by Phil Lloyd
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Liam’s left reeling when Martha tells him she thinks she’s pregnant, but he tries to absorb the news and show concern for Martha. Secretly he’s relieved to learn that she hasn’t done a test yet as it may still be a false alarm. Martha also points out to Liam that, even if she is pregnant, there is a chance the baby could be Hugo’s. Alf’s concerned about Martha’s illness and has a feeling there’s something else going on with her, but has no idea what. Liam bumps into Romeo at the Diner and ends up confiding in him – he doesn’t want to be a father again and he’s scared that all this extra pressure will see him drinking again or worse, and he doesn’t want that to happen. The following day, Romeo tells Liam that he’s put so much effort into his recovery he mustn’t let that happen and that, even if Martha doesn’t want open up, Liam shouldn’t stop being there for her. Liam becomes a little agitated when it seems like Martha, who returns to work, is delaying the pregnancy test. He tries to get her to talk, but she shuts him down. But it all works out well when Liam arrives home and Martha announces she isn’t pregnant – she is no longer late. Martha says she’s fine, and apologises for snapping, but it seems she may be mildly disappointed. Later, their relationship is rekindled, despite Liam being concerned about how Martha is dealing with things.

Ruby and Xavier are now mostly in the same classes at school and find themselves spending plenty of time together. They both seem to be enjoying each other’s company and Xavier starts to think that maybe they can get back together again. He’s certainly keen. The two flirt gently and Ruby even admits to having been slightly jealous when Mink kissed Xavier recently. After a bit more flirting Xavier decides to take things slowly and do things properly and he works up the courage to ask Ruby out. He’s delighted when she agrees.

Irene is pleased to see Leah making progress as a result of her self defence classes, and Leah is very keen to show off her moves on a wary Miles. Irene suspects that Leah’s developing a crush on her Jiu-jitsu instructor, the Reverend Elijah. Ruby concurs, but Leah won’t own up to it – she is firm about the fact that she and Elijah are just friends. The others believe that she’s in denial. When Elijah cancels a private class with Leah, she’s disappointed and is left wondering if she really does have feelings for Elijah.

With the surfing circuit coming up, Mink is hoping to pick up some sponsors and asks Romeo to be her manager. Romeo hates turning her down, but he really doesn’t want to go on the road and he wants to complete his HSC. Even when a potential sponsor sets up a meeting with Mink, Romeo can’t be coaxed into being her manager and Mink’s a bit put out. Romeo’s feeling the pressure building and Mink ups the ante when she reminds her brother that she was the one that did juvenile detention and not him and that she didn’t kill their Dad anymore than Romeo did. She, not he, took the rap for their Mum. Romeo already knew that, but Xavier who’d dropped by to see his friend didn’t, and he’s shocked to hear the news.