Episode 4840

Australian Air Date: 24th April 2009
UK Air Date: 8th May 2009

Geoff sleeps with Claudia. During their fight, Jai and Trey start a fire at the caravan park. Joey discovers Charlie was unfaithful.


Written by Chelsea Cassio
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Jai sneaks out to see Trey and tell him that the fight’s off – to avoid getting busted, they should move the fight until tomorrow night when less people are around. Annie notices that Jai is distracted but he tells her to back off. When Leah needs to deliver a business cheque to Roman for his co-signature, Jai seizes the opportunity and offers to do it instead – he wants to get combat tips from Roman, the expert. Suspicious that Jai is in trouble, Roman gives him his number one piece of advice – walk away from a fight. At school, Ruby overhears Jai’s plans to meet up with Trey at the caravan park that night and curious, she turns up to find Jai and Trey slogging it out at the caravan park. When one of them is pushed against a fire drum, it rolls towards the front porch of one of the caravans. With the fire building the boys continue to fight, unaware – but will they see the fire in time?

Charlie discovers one of her diamond stud earrings is missing. Joey asks where she last saw it, and Charlie suddenly remembers she was wearing it on the night she slept with Hugo. Ruby comes to the same conclusion and Charlie begs her to keep quiet. Charlie feels even more guilty when Joey tells her how good it is to finally be with someone she truly loves, after a lifetime of denying her sexuality. Pippa finds a phone in the Diner carpark, which they quickly assess to be Hugo’s missing phone. Joey offers to drop it in to him. Pippa says her farewells and departs for home. When Hugo is confronted by Joey at his doorstep returning his phone, he is secretly guilt-stricken. Things go from bad to worse when Joey sees Charlie’s missing earring in his house. When she confronts Charlie about it Joey discovers that Charlie went behind her back and slept with Hugo. Joey walks out, leaving Charlie alone and sick with guilt.

Claudia pays Geoff a surprise visit at school. He kisses her passionately in front of everyone, including Nicole who is shocked to discover he’s moved on so quickly. In class, she calls him a hypocrite for breaking the rules by having Claudia in the school, and to cover her own upset at Geoff moving on, taunts him about the abstitence he insisted upon during their relationship. With Geoff and Claudia needing some private time they decide to go elsewhere to hang out.

Geoff takes her to a caravan which he knows is vacant. Claudia tells him they cannot be together and she’s considering getting back with Lachie, despite her feelings for Geoff. Geoff tells her just how much he cares for her and, rattled by Nicole’s taunts, decides to sleep with Claudia to show her his level of feeling and commitment. Asleep after making love, Geoff and Claudia don’t notice the smoke from outside is filling the caravan…

Scenes cut from Episode:
Nervous about the fight, Jai hardly eats during Pippa’s farewell dinner at the caravan park.

The next day, Miles, Kirsty, and Pippa worry about Jai missing breakfast after hardly any dinner – what’s up with him?