Episode 4841

Australian Air Date: 27th April 2009
UK Air Date: 11th May 2009
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: David Gould

Joey refuses to forgive Charlie for sleeping with Hugo. Geoff and Claudia’s liason almost costs them their lives. Jai fights Trey and finds he’s playing with fire.


Extended Summary

The fight between Jai and Trey has caused a drum of fire knocked over and it’s set fire to a corner of a caravan. Trey takes off and it’s left to Jai and Ruby to start fighting the flames. In quick succession they are joined by Joey, Kirsty and Miles. They all think that the burning van is unoccupied, unaware that Geoff and Claudia have fallen asleep inside after making love. Geoff eventually wakes and manages to get Claudia, who’s semi conscious due to smoke inhalation, out through a window, but he’s becoming overcome by smoke and exhaustion himself when Jai realises his predicament and rescues him with Miles’ help.

While everyone comes out of the crisis relatively unscathed, Jai denies knowing how the fire started and is left with a heavy conscience. Jai later vists Ruby to ensure that she won’t blow his cover, and she admits that little would be gained by revealing the truth – so long as Jai finds a way to end his feud with Trey as it’s causing him nothing but trouble. At breakfast the next morning, Alf has returned from Duncan’s wedding and questions who on earth would be stupid enough to set fire to a van, leaving Jai feeling very guilty, whilst Geoff comes over to apologise to Miles for using the van without persmission. At school, Trey approaches Jai, wanting to know why he didn’t report him for starting the fire. Jai tells him that their feud is over, but if Trey ever gives him any hassle again, he’ll tell everyone what happened. Trey agrees to this, and the pair reach a truce.

Geoff and Claudia have taken their relationship to a new level and now everyone knows about it, but not everyone is happy for them. Martha is concerned for Geoff as she thought she’s witnessed Claudia getting back together with her ex, Lachie, just a couple of days earlier. However when Geoff assures her that Claudia and Lachie split up, she chooses not to tell him what she saw. Annie is upset that Geoff could sleep with a girl he barely knows, but Geoff tells her it’s none of her business, and that being good in the past has never got him anywhere. Later, Geoff goes to visit Claudia but finds Lachie is there with her. He punches Geoff and tells him to stay away from his girlfriend, leaving Geoff to realise that they are not as over as Claudia led him to believe.

Joey, having found out that Charlie slept with Hugo, is desperately hurt and decides she can no longer be around Charlie. Charlie visits Hugo to find out exactly what he said to Joey, and apologises for involving him in her messy personal matters. At the Caravan Park, in the aftermath of the fire, Charlie finds Joey and tries to tell her the night with Hugo was a mistake. Joey tells her she probably only slept with Hugo to try and prove she wasn’t gay, which Charlie shamefully admits to. Later in The Diner, Ruby tells Hugo he shouldn’t have taken advantage of Charlie, which leads Hugo to tell Joey that he alone was to blame for Charlie and him getting together – but Joey doesn’t want to hear it. She packs her bags and moves out, leaving Charlie mortified.

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