Episode 4839

Australian Air Date: 23rd April 2009
UK Air Date: 7th May 2009

Who is Claudia’s mystery man? Jai and Trey both agree to a fight. Thanks to Liam, Belle opens up in rehab.


Written by Sarah Duffy
Directed by Danny Raco

Extended Summary

Annie calls Jai on baiting Trey about Trey’s former weight problem, but Jai is determined to punish Trey for what he did to Kirsty. At school, Jai starts a scuffle with Trey, but Miles only sees Trey pushing Jai, and tells Trey to be the bigger man and put an end to their feud. Trey takes Miles’ advice the wrong way and instead of resolving the issue he challenges Jai to a fight. The boys both agree and plan to fight at the caravan park later that night.

Belle reintroduces herself to Liam, reminding him of the time she interviewed him. Liam’s group therapy confession about his fears of losing his family inspires Belle to open up herself. Rachel soon arrives at rehab to make amends with Belle, spurred on by Tony’s constant jokes about Belle’s collapse on their wedding day. She tells Rachel that Aden has cut her off, but in way she is glad as, now that she has hit rock bottom, she can focus on herself and her recovery.

After Rachel leaves, Belle watches as Liam argues with his wife, Chelsea, in front of the paparazzi. Liam lashes out at the photographer, distraught by Chelsea’s threat to take their baby son Ash away from him if he doesn’t clean up his act, and later verbally attacks the facilities security guards. Rachel suggests that Tony visits Belle to to help him get over his negative attitude towards their wedding, and his constant need to crack jokes about it. After Tony has gone, Belle visits Liam in his room and tells him she is there any time he needs to talk. He confides in her that he cannot get through this process alone, and she assures him that he won’t have to.

Geoff’s heart goes out to Claudia when he sees her crying in a ute, but he soon realises she’s not alone and the ute is driven by a young guy who Geoff hasn’t seen before. When Geoff receives an urgent text from a distressed Claudia, he ignores Annie’s advice about waiting until after school to see her and instead decides to wag the rest of the afternoon, after Miles confiscates his phone. When questioned, Claudia denies anything is wrong, but Geoff can see she is upset and wants to help. She opens up about her ex-boyfriend Lachie, the guy driving the ute, and how after a long relationship she no longer feels she is able to talk to him anymore, they have drifted apart. Geoff spontaneously kisses her, which ignites romantic feelings from both parties. However, later on Martha see’s her kissing Lachie in a full-on make-up pash.

Scenes cut from Episode:
There’s only one problem – Pippa’s farewell dinner has been moved to the Summer Bay House. If the boys fight there – they will be caught.

Annie covers for Geoff when Bartlett queries his absence, but Pippa is quick to find out about Geoff’s whereabouts. Pippa gets nowhere when confronting Geoff about Claudia, nor does Bartlett, who gives him detention. Annie accepts Geoff’s apology for getting her into trouble – she’s more interested in what’s going on with Claudia. Who is this new Geoff who breaks rules? Geoff announces the end of being the good boy everyone expects him to be – and he really likes Claudia.