Episode 4816

Australian Air Date: 23rd March 2009
UK Air Date: 6th April 2009
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: David Gould

Irene makes a shocking discovery about Lou. Martha reveals that she has bought Annie and Geoff’s old farm. After Belle’s unprofessional performance at work, she is fired.


Extended Summary

Belle’s ongoing addiction to uppers and downers continues and she has the growing problem of just how she’s going to keep hiding it from the people around her. Belle is quick to refuse Rachel’s help which in turn sees Rachel deciding to do some investigating of her own. Rachel soon discovers that Belle has been ‘doctor shopping’ and taking both uppers and downers.

Belle is dealing with the consequences of her drug taking – she is heavily warned at work when she turns and Paula lets her know that being late for meetings and having poor excuses won’t be tolerated. But to cope with this harsh encounter, Belle pops even more pills. Paula’s hunch that all things aren’t right with Belle is quickly paid off she notices Belle swallowing some tablets – Belle is fired on the spot.

Everyone is suspicious of Martha’s secret news as she reveals that she has found a ‘new interest’ to provide focus in her life. While on a road trip with Geoff, Annie and Alf, Martha reveals her news – she has bought Geoff and Annie’s old farm! It was in financial trouble and she knew when she saw the “for sale” sign that she was meant to buy it with the money from Jack’s life insurance. She is planning to grow organic fruit and vegetables. Among the jubilation, Annie finds herself becoming upset. Being back at the farm has brought up a lot of memories for her. Geoff is quick to reassure Annie – either the farm is there getting even more rundown or Martha brings it back to life. Martha later has another surprise for Annie which she is sure will cheer her up – their old dog Scruffy!

Lou and Irene start off their new friendship by heading to the Yacht Club for a date. It’s not Irene’s cup of tea but she is looking forward to getting to know Lou. After having some initial reservations about her appearance, Irene is actually having an enjoyable time with Lou. Unfortunately Lou is called away for a short time when Hugo asks about renting his boatshed, and a female club member, Gail and her friends invite Irene to join them. As soon as Irene sits down, the girls are on the attack – berating everything about Irene from where she works to what she’s wearing. Suddenly Donna De Bono enters – Lou’s wife! Donna joins them and only has one thing on her mind, if Irene thinks for a second that she is getting any of Lou money, she’s got another thing coming. Irene makes a hasty exit.

Back at Irene’s house, Lou is quick to correct things by telling her that Donna and he are in fact separated. And that Donna is a very bitter woman. Lou begs Irene for forgiveness leaving Irene unsure as to whether she should be pursuing this relationship with Lou any further.

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