Episode 4817

Australian Air Date: 24th March 2009
UK Air Date: 7th April 2009

Irene is undecided about Lou. Belle lies to Aden and tells him she quit. Is this really the end for Geoff and Nicole?


Written by Fiona Bozic
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Rather than telling people she got fired, Belle decides instead to tell everyone that she quit, saying the reason is that Paula has been making her life hell. To cheer Belle up, Aden enlists Nicole’s help to buy Belle some special jewellery. But when Belle discovers that Nicole and Aden are going to spend time together on their secret mission, she suspiciously mistakes it for doing something behind her back. Colleen later puts her foot in it when she tells Aden how sorry she was to hear the terrible news about Belle getting fired. When Aden presents her with the gift he’s bought her, and tells her he will always be there to support her, Belle is overcome with guilt.

Aden questions Nicole as to why she and Geoff aren’t spending much time together since they returned from the island. Nicole voices her concerns, wondering whether what she had with Geoff is now broken and perhaps can’t be fixed. Geoff, jubilantly, announces to Nicole that Martha has bought their old farm but things go from bad to worse when Nicole unfortunately isn’t as excited and decides against going out to see the farm. This gives Geoff the instant impression that she couldn’t care less about the farm or him. Geoff even goes to the trouble of giving Nicole a tree cutting from the farm – the cherry tree where his dad proposed to his mum – but off the back of buying jewellery with Aden for Belle, Nicole is less than impressed with part of a tree as a gift. Later in Noah’s Bar, Geoff overhears Nicole telling Aden that whilst Geoff is cute, he is a bit simple.

Irene receives apology flowers from Lou but she doesn’t respond to him, which in turns sees Lou arrive at her doorstep to try to explain in person. He reveals that Donna is just protecting her settlement and that she’s had a private detective tailing him for weeks – that’s how she knew Irene would be at the Yacht club. Irene reveals the truth – she really does like Lou but Donna’s history with him makes Irene not want any part of this drama.

Geoff goes over to see Nicole and just as she is telling him how sorry she is and that she wants to be more understanding, Geoff ends things with her then and there.