Episode 4818

Australian Air Date: 25th March 2009
UK Air Date: 8th April 2009

Brendan is staying in Summer Bay while Gina recovers. Leah is happy that Roman’s friendship with VJ is growing. Trey sees Kirsty as more than just a tutor.


Written by Clare Atkins
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Xavier is being distant with Ruby in the wake of his mum coming to visit, Ruby is confused and feels like he is trying to get rid of her but there’s a good reason – We soon meet Brendan, Hugo and Xavier’s autistic brother. The love Xavier has for Brendan is big and their reunion is one they’ve been anticipating for a while. Xavier is obviously a natural with Brendan. Brendan is usually nervous of strangers touching him, but when he later hugs Rachel and Martha, it seems that he feels comfortable with the new members of his family.

Later when it’s time to leave, Brendan gets upset. In the commotion, he pushes Gina who falls and fractures her ankle. With Gina being forced into crutches for a few weeks, Hugo insists that Brendan should stay in Summer Bay where Hugo and Xavier can watch over him – there’s goes Xavier’s new life…

Kirsty is tutoring Trey but she is unaware of the feelings that he has for her and that Trey is allowing others to believe that there is actually something going on between them.

Leah drops VJ off at soccer practice and it he is very down, saying that he’s the worst player on the team. It saddens Leah that VJ doesn’t have a father figure in his life. She feels herself torn as on one hand VJ is jealous of any men coming into Leah’s life and on the other he’s craving male attention. Leah watches VJ light up as he and Roman enjoy a game of soccer – it’s the happiest Leah’s seen VJ in months. Leah joins in and ends up falling over onto the grass with Roman. A little spark flies between them before VJ breaks the moment.

While Geoff reveals to Annie that he and Nicole broke up, Nicole is also revealing to Ruby the same thing. Trey notes facetiously that the school captains are fighting. On this, Geoff is quick to resign as school captain and Nicole in turn is disappointed and confused at Geoff’s sudden behaviour. But it’s simple; Geoff has decided he doesn’t want any type of partnership with Nicole.