Episode 4819

Australian Air Date: 26th March 2009
UK Air Date: 9th April 2009

Miles tells Kirsty about Trey’s true feelings. Xavier continues to hide his brother from Ruby. Charlie is surprised at her reaction to Joey and Hugo talking.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

While Kirsty continues to tutor Trey, what Kirsty sees as simply passing on of her knowledge, Trey sees as flirting. Trey jokes with his mates that Kirsty can’t get enough of him – which Miles overhears. He warns Trey to never talk about Kirsty like that again. Miles is quick to confront Kirsty about what Trey has been saying but Kirsty insists everything’s fine and that Miles is misreading the situation. Kirsty is soon proved wrong when Trey makes a pass at her at school – she is shocked and wonders how she didn’t see this coming.

Hugo is telling Xavier off for leaving Brendan with Martha on her own. Hugo presses the fact to Xavier that Brendan is their responsibility. Even though Martha tries her best with Brendan, she’s finding it difficult to keep up with his specific needs. Her attempt at making Brendan breakfast ends with the bowl being thrown across the table. Martha is concerned that with all this taking care of Brendan for the next six weeks, that Xavier might get behind in his school work and she decides to confront Hugo about this. Hugo assures her that’s its only temporary and that he will be there to lighten the load. Apart from that there isn’t really another option. Everyone has to pull their weight – Xavier included.

Ruby remains confused over why Xavier is pushing her away but Xavier simply doesn’t want to introduce her to Brendan just yet. It’s a small breakthrough for Xavier when Jai meets Brendan. After a talk with Jai, Xavier later feels comfortable about introducing Ruby to Brendan. And on meeting Brendan, Ruby is moved by how compassionate Xavier is with his brother.

Charlie and Joey are getting along like a house on fire as they race each over along the beach. As Charlie later prepares a picnic for her and Joey, Ruby senses that Charlie could be giving mixed signals to Joey about their growing relationship. In mind of this, Charlie later cancels their planned trip.

Charlie’s battle with Robbo continues as she warns him from hassling Joey any further. Robbo wants Joey to drop the restraining order. Meanwhile, Charlie becomes confused about her friendship with Joey when she finds herself jealous over Joey’s friendly conversation with Hugo confusing it with light flirtation.