Episode 4820

Australian Air Date: 27th March 2009
UK Air Date: 10th April 2009

Charlie is confused about her feelings for Joey. Kirsty decides to stop tutoring Trey. Things heat up for Leah and Roman.


Written by Sarah Walker
Directed by David Gould

Extended Summary

Leah wants to give Roman a thank you dinner for spending time with VJ. Leah doesn’t want the dinner to seem to ‘date-like’ and Rachel suggests making it lunch instead – Rachel and Tony will come along too. While preparing for the lunch, Leah is shocked to remember that while drunk at her thirtieth birthday party she kissed Roman! All of a sudden Leah can’t help but see Roman in a different light.

Roman comes over for lunch and then stays to help with the cleaning afterwards, Leah finds herself on edge. Leah confesses to Roman that she remembers kissing him, and with a laugh he disregards it but before too long they are locking lips one more.

Kirsty approaches Trey’s father, John Palmer to let him know that she can no longer tutor Trey – keeping the real reason of Trey’s advances to herself. John is very upset and insists that she finishes what she started. When Kirsty declines John threatens to take the matter to Bartlett. Meanwhile, when confronted by Trey himself, Kirsty sets him straight – she is not attracted to him. Trey remains confused – he really thought they had something.

He later heads around to the Beach House and tries to kiss Kirsty, however he is stopped by the arrival of Miles. Kirsty is shocked to learn from Miles that there is gossip about her and Trey all over town. Kirsty despairs about losing everything good in her life, before Miles admits to her that she didn’t lose him. There is a moment between the former lovers before Oliver interrupts them.

Joey meanwhile wants to do something special for Charlie by taking her out to lunch on Alf’s boat at the wharf – considering Charlie has been so nice taking her in and protecting her from Robbo. Charlie and Joey are enjoying their afternoon as Charlie sees how at home Joey is on the boat. When a good song comes on the CD player Joey starts dancing and pulls Charlie up to join her. The joyous dance becomes more intimate as the girls get very close – almost to a kiss – but Charlie breaks away, confused even more, making an excuse as she rushes off up the wharf.

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