Episode 4821

Australian Air Date: 30th March 2009
UK Air Date: 13th April 2009
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Geoffrey Nottage

Miles and Kirsty reconcile. Charlie is confused by Joey’s actions. Trey lies to his parents about his relationship with Kirsty.


Extended Summary

Acting on their newfound feelings for each other, Roman and Leah continue kissing on the sofa. On hearing Charlie arrive home, they quickly pull away and act natural. When a despondent Charlie walks though, Leah is worried that they may have been rumbled by Roman’s ex. Roman explains that he should be getting back to the Diner, and the couple agree that they should keep their relationship quiet for the time being.

Charlie in the mean time, has more pressing matters on her mind. After her near kiss on the boat with Joey, Charlie is more confused than ever about Joey’s feelings toward her. Even more confusing is the fact that Charlie felt something too. She retreats to her room pretending she has a migraine. Joey comes to see her and apologises for making Charlie feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t her intention to come onto her, it just happened. Charlie tells Joey that she would never have offered her support to Joey if she knew it would confuse her. Charlie then avoids a dinner invitation from Joey the next night, spontaneously opting to go on a date with a surprised Hugo instead. Joey is crushed and Charlie is trying desperately to ignore the feelings she has for Joey.

Miles reveals to Kirsty that he only told her to go back to Kane because Kane told him to. Miles thought he was doing the right thing for her and Ollie. The two confide that they never stopped loving one another. Annie almost walks in on them kissing. They deflect, thinking they have fooled Annie but she has her suspicions the two are back together. The next morning down at the wharf, Miles asks Kirsty to move back in and she agrees. Trey spies Kirsty and Miles whilst walking by with his friends. He immediately darkens at the sight of the couple, obviously back together again and very much in love, whilst his friends point out that Trey has been saying him and Kirsty are together.

Ruby suggests to Xavier and Jai that they should hang out together with Brendan, but Xavier has his doubts. Brendan is not great in public places, and when Trey walks past and makes another Karate Kid jibe towards Jai, it gives Xavier even more doubts about the idea. Ruby eventually talks him around. The next day they are playing pool together in the Surf Club, when Annie comes in and tells Jai about Miles and Kirsty. He questions Miles on it, and Jai is thrilled when he learns his family is back together again.

Following the news that Charlie won’t be joining her for dinner, Ruby then tells Joey that she won’t be able to make it either as she’s seeing friends. Joey has already started cooking and so invites Ruby’s friends to join them. When Joey later sees Charlie dolled up for her date, the hurt is too much for her to bear. Xavier, Brendan, Ruby, Jai, Annie and Joey have a fun evening together playing Blackjack. When the evening is over, Brendan is the only one to notice Joey leaving the house. She has packed her bags and slips away into the night.

Trey confronts Kirsty telling her that he would be a much better option for her, Miles is too old. Kirsty tells him to leave insisting there will never be anything between them. Later, Bartlett arrives at the beach house. He informs Kirsty that Trey is claiming he has been having an intimate relationship with her. Bartlett needs an explanation or he will be forced to involve the police.